Boy factor on The X Factor

It’s pretty-boy factor this year with an abundance of young males competing for the title of The X Factor.

Last night Ronan Keating chose three boybands to mentor on the Seven show, aged from 15-22. Mel B. and Guy Sebastian also have their share of testosterone leaving Natalie Bassingthwaighte as the sole all-girl mentor.

But Bassingthwaighte shocked viewers by eliminating talented 14 year old  schoolgirl Vendulka Witcha.

Under 25 Males – Mentored By Mel B
Adil Memon, 18, Gold Coast
Jason Owen, 18, Dubbo
Josh Brookes, 20, Perth

Under 25 Females – Mentored By Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Bella Ferraro, 18, Sydney
Angel Tupai, 19, Sydney
Shiane Hawke, 14, Darwin

Over 25’s – Mentored By Guy Sebastian
Samantha Jade, 25, Sydney
Justin Standley, 41, Sydney
Nathaniel Willemse, 25, Melbourne

Groups – Mentored By Ronan Keating
What About Tonight
– Brock Jays, 19, Wangaratta
– Luke Howell, 18, Gold Coast
– Christian Anthony, 15, Sydney
– Mitchel Cave, 15, Cairns
– Tyrone Georgiadis, 18, Sydney

– Joseph Kalepo, 20, Sydney
– Jakiel Fuimaono, 18, Sydney
– Izaia Fuimaono, 20, Sydney
– Jaye Fuimaono, 17, Sydney

‘Super Group’
– Jayden Sierra, 17, Sydney
– Julian Devezio, 17, Adelaide
– Wil Singe, 19, Sydney
– Trent Bell, 21, Brisbane
– Zach Russell, 22, Rockhampton

The show kicks off Live performances next Monday night at 7:30pm.


  1. As a vocalist in my past life…I would like to say that it is not just being able to sing…it is the show says…having the X Factorr…that something special….that makes you stand out from the crowd….and in my opinion….that is Shiane….she has an unusual voice and totally owns the song she sings…I wish I had that ….I was just a singer.

  2. Ridiculous. Ronan should have kept the two girl groups who were so much better than the five-member boy bands he chose. But they are desperate for a One Direction clone *shrugs*

  3. Happy with most all of the choices. The girl one was tough. I thought all the 14 year old girls were going to go through. But there is always next tear for Venduka, and she will have the fact that she tried last year going for her in the story telling, Just like Josh and the guy who tried twice before and is now in the boyband.

  4. Sadly we can’t all be happy with judges decisions. I didn’t understand why many of the nervous contestants got through?!? Carmello for example supported Adil (sp) who I think is a greater risk. I sadly think looks played a part for the X factor. The Aussie viewers will hopefully vote well & emliminate poor performances!? Not confident though.

  5. The fact that Vendulka missed out shows that The Xfactor format is a bit flawed. I do agree Nat picked the best three but she is better than some of the males selected. Even Kochie on Sunrise said yesterday they should put more of the girls in this year. My suggestion is to put her in as a wildcard and get another week of monster ratings out of this show.

  6. @Mia, i’m sure she would have a lot of fans, just not the mass appeal she needs. past seasons show that the young, pretty, sweet, talented, normal girls do not work out on the x factor. last year there were not many woman to start off with and 3 of them were eliminated 1st, 2nd and 3rd. it’s also the same on DWTS.

    the ones that work are the edgy, flawed, crazy ones, that people can find interesting, that are not necessarily the most talented.

  7. Nat had by far the hardest task, with all six girls very strong. Vendulka is a more confident performer than either Bella or the girl with braces, but the journey of those two is going to make for some great viewing! Vendulka is definitely a star in the making, so we’ll hear more from her.

  8. Jeez.. what happened with Ronan’s choices? Not even one single girl in there? Three Wishez were the last group remaining last year and Sophia was great in that.

    You could pretty much say Ronan has the same category as Mel, but instead of just having 3 boys like Mel he has 14.

  9. Mel B’s final 3 boys won’t get anywhere near winning the title – very weak .
    Natalie made a similar blunder to last year, when she didn’t pick the lady from NZ with the killer voice. Vendulka – hard done by, in my opinion.
    Guy & Ronan: smart, tactical choices from both. Let’s face it, the main group who bother to vote are teen girls – they’ll keep the boy bands on the show for weeks on end.
    Samantha looks like a winner to me, along with Angel & Fortunate.

  10. @ohdenny. I have to agree with you. To me, it felt like WAT was just copying One Direction in look and feel. And this may become a problem later on, if they get picked up by a record company, as people will say “Oh, they are a One Direction clone”.

  11. What’s with all the contestants, except one, being aged 25 and under? Is there really such little talent with that ‘X factor’ over 25? So much for an Over 25’s group…

  12. It’s not that much of a surprise. Look at the top 12 from last year’s series, the final girl Christina Parie didn’t even make the top 5. All the other girls got booted very early.

    In comparison, last year Declan, Johnny and Reece Mastin, all three under 25 males, made it to the top five. It seems the Australian public generally prefers voting through the talented male performers.

    A girl group like Good Question would have been booted very early on, at least several of these boy bands have a slight chance of making it to the end of the competition

  13. I wasn’t shocked by Vendulka’s exit at all. Actually, I was shocked that Nat Bass picked all 3 girls that I wanted to see get through. I think Shiane has a much more unique voice than Vendulka, and besides, Vendulka seemed a tad over-confident for my liking.

    Surprised to see Ronan pick 3 boy bands though!

  14. I wasn’t surprised by vendulka at all she is the type of girl that other girls just automatically hate no matter how talented or friendly she is.

    WAT probably could have been eliminated now and still get a record contract, that have a huge following. They will be the ones that 13yos vote for that frustrates everyone else as the really talented ones get eliminated before them. The show thrives on that happening like Johnny Ruffo last year.

    The biggest shock was Mel eliminating Carmello, I spoke to so many that said he was their favourite in the whole competition. Why did she let that Jason through.

  15. Vendulka was great. Would have loved to hear more from her. Can’t believe Bella got thru but really shouldn’t be surprised. They’ve been promoting her more than anyone since before the show started. I don’t get it. Seems a bit unfair.

  16. jezza the first original one

    It was a shame for Vendulka Witcha, I am sure her time will come if she wants to pursue singing as a career, she is only 14. She could do with a stage name that rolls a little easier than her actual name…

  17. I think Nat chose the best three girls. I can’t believe Mel B didn’t choose Carmello as one of her three and why the judges decided to create a boy group pretty much identical to What About Tonight (who should be the first to go) is a strange decision also.

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