I Will Survive, now beaten by SBS and 7TWO.

Ratings: TEN talent show I Will Survive was beaten by a bear documentary on SBS and even a rerun of Heartbeat on 7TWO.

TEN talent show I Will Survive hit a new low last night of just 281,000 viewers at 7:30pm.

The show was last in its timeslot, beaten by a bear documentary on SBS and, humiliatingly, even a rerun of Heartbeat on 7TWO. Even Neighbours on ELEVEN an hour earlier and The Bold and the Beautiful in the afternoon pulled more eyeballs.

Against the Reality drawcards of The X Factor and Big Brother the show was smashed, but no matter how much TEN holds onto its carrot of a $250,000 it’s clear the audience has not connected with the premise.

Once again Seven won the night, with 33.3% then Nine 26.2%, ABC 18.5%, TEN 16.0% and SBS 5.9%.

The X Factor (1.5m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.21m), Today Tonight (1.01m), Home and Away (943,000), Criminal Minds (868,000), Deal or No Deal (517,000) and Covert Affairs (441,000).

Nine News (1.09m) topped Nine then Big Brother (951,000), ACA (936,000), The Farmer Wants a Wife (775,000), Embarrassing Bodies (632,000), Hot Seat (550,000) and Embarrassing Kids Bodies (297,000).

ABC News again won its timeslot with 1.05m for ABC1 followed by Gruen Planet (939,000), 7:30 (806,000), Qi (724,000), Randling (549,000), Would I Lie to You? (459,000), At the Movies (308,000) and Lateline (231,000).

Puberty Blues remains TEN’s best performer but with no lead-in slipped again, now at 673,000. TEN News was 658,000, Modern Family was 433,000,  The Project 6pm was 423,000, and I Will Survive languished on 281,000.

Meet the Amish (333,000) led SBS ONE followed by Bears of the Frontier (330,000) and World News Australia (205,000).

Heartbeat topped multichannels with 325,000.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

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  1. TEN seems to have given up for this year.
    But if they’re planning to hold shows over to next year, like Glee, it will be a failure.
    At the same time , showing the Assange tv movie and fastracked Homeland now , isn’t going to help much .
    What is their strategy? Do they even have one ?

  2. They’ve kept with I Will Survive this long, I don’t see Channel 10 dumping it now. Maybe switching to Eleven, but I doubt it. Might as well show it to the end. It’s such a shame, because I’m still loving the show and think it deserves a much bigger audience. And total people, especially with the current system, isn’t the best indication of popularity.

  3. @Ratings Truth…I understand what you are trying to say, however, if you look at the Ratings information David offers, it is both given as totals..and then within broad demographic groupings. IWS is a “disaster” whether you look at total figures or at the demographic categories. The Heartbeat point is more than a much older series, shown as a repeat on a channel that usually wouldn’t beat Ten, did. That is a slap in the face for IWS. So, where did the IWS demographic go? The ratings will show you.

  4. David…If Ten continues to rate in this fashion behind the ABC and just ahead of SBS , would a time come when they may be reported officially with other Multi-Channels rather than 7, 9 & ABC ?

  5. @David Know and Mr J,

    Sorry not a disaster wasn’t the right phrase, no one would be happy with the performance, merely pointing out that programs are made for performance in Demographics, not on total people, the endless analysis of all programs against the pointless demographic of ‘All People’ can lead to some serious misunderstanding of what programs are actually a success or not. But does make for a good headline.

    The fact that IWS isn’t a success on the Demos or Total People is why it’s a disaster, not that it was beaten by a re-run of Heartbeat on total people.

  6. This is terribly sad. While it has its flaws, IWS is a great show with genuine talent and a proper ‘feel-good’ vibe about it – something TV really needs right now. But it seems Ten shows are doing badly across the board, not just this one. It’s nonetheless awful to see the ever dwindling numbers on a show that, in my opinion, deserves to be doing much much better.

  7. I actually quite like I Will Survive but I like Big Brother more. Usually I wait till Big Brother finishes and then switch onto the end of IWS. Maybe Ten should play it a bit later like 930pm as for me on a Wednesday night there is nothing on any of the channels that I like watching at that time.
    I’m happy to go and work in Ten’s programming department. Seems like at this point they have no clue what programs work where.

  8. This column does seem to almost relish the failure of IWS. Despite its problems and concept why cant we be grateful the show itself is a step above the average reality show . Why cant TEN move it to a better timeslot -Any timeslot not against the other reality talent show. Are they being stubborn or are they deliberately trying to get it a bad name. As to the Hugh Sheridan brand There is a brand?He is certainly not the right host for this show so I think it has been doing him a disservice since episode one.

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