New-look Sundays coming to TEN

TEN re-lights its Sundays with Merlin, Modern Family, The New Normal, Homeland & Vegas.

TEN has revealed a new look “Super Sunday” to begin from October 14.

The line-up includes the anticipated Season Two premiere of Homeland, plus new episodes of Modern Family, Merlin and the premiere of The New Normal and Vegas.

It’s certainly a strong line-up that will help lift the network’s ailing figures. Other returning shows enter TEN’s schedule from next week including Underground: The Julian Assange Story on October 7th.

October signals a month where viewers are about to be swamped for choice. October 14th is also the premiere of ABC1’s first Jack Irish telemovie starring Guy Pearce.

6:30pm – Merlin
Season 5 Premiere Merlin is fantasy family drama at its very best. This darker fifth season promises viewers a thrilling combination of action, magic and adventure as we return to the mythical world of Camelot.

7:30pm – Modern Family
Season 4 Premiere Walking away with five more awards at the 2012 Emmys, Modern Family continues to dominate comedy TV, firmly establishing itself as a modern-day classic.

8:00pm – The New Normal
Series Premiere From the creators of Glee and American Horror Story comes a comedy that takes a look at what is normal. From single dads, double mums, sperm donors, egg donors and one-night stand donors… it’s 2012 and anything goes!

8:30pm – Homeland
Series 2 Premiere Winner of six 2012 Emmy Awards, including the best drama and best actor and actress in a drama series, this psychological thriller returns for an explosive second season.

9:30pm – Vegas
Series Premiere Set in Las Vegas in the 1960s and starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, Vegas is inspired by the true story of former Las Vegas sheriff Ralph Lamb.

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  1. How is Homeland starting two weeks behind the US? It won six Emmy Awards and Ten plonks it to start on October 14… we need double episodes to catch up to the US, but it looks like its not going to happen!

  2. I’ve been really impressed with Foxtel showing Dexter within hours of its US broadcast! Same goes with ABC for putting Doctor Who on iview immediately after the UK airing (although I would have preferred them to show it on ABC1 on Sunday nights instead of 6 days behind) Ten made a decent effort to bring Merlin within a week of the UK airing so I’m pleased enough with that. I’m still on Series 4 anyway so I will be recording the episodes until I catch up so the week delay doesn’t bother me.

  3. So does this new sunday line-up mean the F1 & Moto GP will be moved back to One HD ?
    Some of the upcoming F1 & Moto GP races will be in earlier times due to them being run in this part of the world but I think some go past 6.30pm

  4. I can’t trust channel 10 anymore when they say new episodes of modern family. They’ll show a new one one week and an old one the next. I can still remember the old days when channels indicated on the TV screen when a program was a repeat. You had an “R” symbol in TV week when a program was a repeat. The only way I know if a program is a repeat now is through the 9msn TV guide.

  5. I’ve been super critical of Ten in recent months – but hats off to them for the Super Sunday line up.

    Let’s hope they stop the constant use of repeats of NCIS and MF to ensure the fast tracked ones are extra fresh and exciting.

    And good to see fast tracking of L&O:SVU.

    Any chance they could really make my day by fast tracking The Good Wife and Glee too?

  6. great lineup, looking forward to Vegas and Homeland. Ten are trying to fix what’s left of the year after the mess it had been so far.

    stop complaining people! Get a life, 2 weeks may be not right after airing in the US but its better than waiting till February or over Summer!

  7. Extremely excited for Homeland – although it would have aired about 2 weeks after america, so a bit bummed about that. Will the rest of the week’s line up be announced at Programming Launch/Up fronts? I’d really like to know when The Good Wife comes back, considering it’s premiering on the same day as Homeland …?

  8. I love Homeland. Not sure if I can wait 2 weeks, will possibly find the show elsewhere. Like the look of the other shows as well, Vegas looks good, and the new Normal looks good as well. Well with the fast track it’s a head in the right direction. Well done Ten.

  9. As much as I hate double eps I hope TEN shows ep1&2 of the new season the first week back to catch up. Just a pity they don’t fast track it to there online service like ABC is doing with Doctor Who, which like Homeland is on Sunday both here and in it’s original country, UK/US. Ditto for NCIS, it would be nice if it wasn’t 6.5 days after the US.

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