Nine News and ACA extend leads over Seven

Ratings: The gap is widening between Nine and Seven News in our two biggest markets, but Seven still wins Tuesday night.

Nine News and ACA both won nationally last night but the gap is also widening over Seven News and Today Tonight in our two biggest markets.

Nine News was 358,000 in Sydney over Seven News on 267,000, while ACA was 323,000 to TT‘s 272,000.

In Melbourne Nine News had an even bigger lead with 422,000 to Seven’s 281,000 and ACA was 395,000 to TT‘s 252,000.

Just 1,000 split the bulletins in Brisbane while Seven remains the clear winner in Adelaide and Perth.

Seven network was 33.2% then Nine 25.5%, ABC 17.6%, TEN 17.2% and SBS 6.5%.

The X Factor was 1.56m for Seven then Seven News 1.13m, Winners and Losers (1.08m), Home and Away (985,000), Today Tonight (976,000), Deal or No Deal (503,000), Smash (380,000) and The Price is Right (298,000).

Nine News was 1.19m for Nine followed by ACA (1.1m), Big Brother (1.02m), Big Bang (750,000), Anger Management (655,000), Hot Seat (626,000), Episodes (395,000) and Meet the Fockers (305,000).

ABC News won with 1.06m for ABC1 then 7:30 (767,000), Rick Stein’s Spain (667,000), Qi (624,000), Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand (468,000) and Time Team (254,000).

TEN News was 727,000 for TEN with Modern Family on 562,000, NCIS on 503,000, The Project 6pm on 470,000, NCIS: LA on 413,000 and I Will Survive still fifth in its slot on 358,000.

Who Do You Think You Are? was 448,000 for SBS ONE followed by Insight (254,000), Dateline (179,000) and World News Australia (167,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 273,000.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

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  1. 7 News is trying everything. Mitchell on Sunday night in Melbourne but it’s not working. Last nights rating’s for 7 news Melbourne – 222 thousand.
    9 News Melbourne – 393 thousand, huge win.
    Better set, graphic’s and presenter’s (9 News) Melb.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a 2 person newsreader service was put in place for 7 news Melb, they have 2 do something with those figures!
    Or may be a one hour news service with new, fresher presenter’s.

  2. ABC News does well considering the lack of decent non US Sitcom/Reality TV shows elsewhere.

    The Day Home and Away ditches the River Boys and the Braxtons I will be back for now though I’ll stick to watching recycled Everybody loves Raymond episodes.

  3. Ten News Sydney certainly takes a hit whenever Sandra Sully goes on hiatus. Ratings have dropped considerably over the past week and a half. As for the ratings for Late News, 96000 last night? Diabolical. Nice move axing Late News hosted by Sully last September when it was rating three times the revamp with an 11:30pm start time most nights.

  4. @deedeedragons
    I agree regarding Chris Bath. She seems to be very nice and I like her a lot, but I don’t think that she is a very good newsreader, on that same note, I don’t think Mark Ferguson would be a very good weeknight presenter. Why did they let Roscoe go?! lol

  5. I agree with some of the comments on the state of so called news i am so sick of seeing blatant plugging advertising and pointless live crosses on the news the blatant advertising in the news makes me not shop at the stores that advertise during the news out of principal sadly i have to shop at woolies because they have killed off all the competition in my area except coles which is just as bad as woolies

  6. I think I’ll stick with The Project at 6.00 – at least it’s meant to be fairly lightweight. What irks me is news headlines, specially in the weekends, which obviously come out of Sydney (I’m in Melbourne), shots of the bridge in the background, suburban Sydney news etc.etc. Nothing to do with anyone else in Australia. Why bother?

    And why would anyone sack Chris Bath, probably the best newsreader in Australia? Not that we see her much – the fault is in the content. Probably time for Meakin to go, he’s been in the television news business way too long, dominating both 7 & 9 (and TEN, way back). It’s quite likely it’s his influence which has led to the production of such crap nowadays.

  7. Is there really any difference between 7 and 9 News and CA in Sydney and Melbourne?

    Channel 7 went more local and sensational and pulled ahead a couple of years ago. Channel 9 then copied them and they were pretty much the same.

    Recently Channel 7 was ahead but now Channel 9. It’s probably just a case of Hot Seat doing slightly better than Deal or No Deal at the moment. And either more people watching BB than HA, or watching ACA over TT and leaving the TV on at 7 while they have dinner.

  8. Seven’s and Nine’s so-called News programs are not much different from the equally inaccurately-named execrable programs that follow them. I can only assume that the people who regularly tune in for these do so out of habit and are content to remain uninformed about most things.

  9. @ andrewb and kenny – Exactly. Syrian civil unrest, US presidential election, protests in Russia…but no, let’s do a piece on how an X Factor contestant sneezed today.

    I had always watched Seven news and contemplated trying Nine, but figured they would just be the same.

  10. You know there are issues with the news when power bill stories and “exclusive” traffic reports frequently head 6pm news bulletins and they spend 5 minutes talking about the suburbs in your city where most people are getting married. Both Seven and Nine do it.

    Looking at the Sydney market, Nine seems to have more content now in their 6pm News – I started watching more of Nine and less of Seven News the day Seven spent 5 minutes promoting Kath & Kimderella as part of the 6pm news. So much going on in the world but… !

  11. @Shire_Guy – And I thought it was just me. That’s my schedule now too, after decades of commercial news. Stories on a Woolworths sticker promotion and X-Factor are hardly “news”.
    “Ian, please, we’ll do it by green screen from your lounge room….pleeeeease!!! Look, I’m adding another zero to the cheque right now”. (A hacked email from Peter Meakin, expletives deleted.)

  12. Hmm, was that Ian Ross’ phone that I just heard ringing?

    It’s hard to see Leckie/Meakin letting it continue into next year. You think they would be saying to Chris Bath “we’ve given you a decent run, things aren’t good” and we’ll get that cliche reason “Chris chose to leave of her own accord to concentrate on xxx”. Not sure Mark Ferguson is the answer either. Frankly, it’s the product. Commercial news now barely rises above the ACA/TT rubbish that it precedes. For me now, it’s the The Drum, World News Aus then ABC News.

  13. Will Seven now stop running that “Australia’s Most-watched News” promo in NSW? At least add – “sometimes, thanks to Adelaide and Perth”.
    It’s interesting how few viewers ABC24 has yet it’s on in every public area I’ve been in lately. Doctors waiting rooms, airports, etc.
    @GG- No one has ever beaten 7 News in Perth and not likely to. Even TEN News beats them. Even WIN thought so little of STW9 News that they carried TEN on their remote WA service in preference to 9, until WIN bought STW9.

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