Renewed: Housos

Updated: SBS has commissioned nine new episodes of Paul Fenech's knockabout series to screen in 2013.

Updated: Paul Fenech’s knockabout series Housos is back for more.

SBS has commissioned nine new episodes to screen in 2013.

Leading cast including Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, Tahir Bilgic, Melissa Tkautz, Amanda Keller and Angry Anderson are set to again join Fenech from Monday 10 September when filming commences in Sydney’s western suburbs. Sadly missed will be the late Ian Turpie who passed away from cancer in March.

The new series will invite audiences back into the fictional housing commission block in Sunnyvale, to a world of self-medicating, poorly educated, unemployed residents in a uniform of thongs, hoodies and Ugg boots.

Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television and Online Content, said: “Housos became hugely successful with its tongue-in-cheek humour. The new season will continue our commitment to commissioning and supporting Australian content and talent. We are delighted to be working with Paul again on a second series.”

Paul Fenech said: “The new season of Housos gives fans the chance to unite and get in touch with their inner-bogan. Whether you have to beg, borrow or literally steal a TV set to watch it, we have enough surprises to make it worth your while.”

Filming starts tomorrow in Sydney’s western suburbs, in the fictional Community Housing block in Sunnyvale.

The renewal is a long way from Fenech’s comedy series Swift and Shift Couriers, languishing on the shelf at SBS under former Managing Director Shaun Brown.

Undeterred by wheels turning slowly, Fenech has also filmed a feature film version of Housos, due for release in November.

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  1. should do alright.but time it better please.If they can move the News back to 9:30pm and put this on at 10pm once a week like before coupled with a couple of good comedies US Cartoons but will accept anything too it will work.

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