1. Ten , take some advice and show it on Thursday and Friday nights,you can’t beat them so move I will Survive, Well made, quite watchable but as long as we have the common denominator faction ruling BB and X factor, move I Will Survive or drop one episode and show Wed and Thursday.

    I remember my early days in TV we prided ourseves on showing the clock and when the second hand reached the topo of the hour we would roll the next show.

    Sadly it appears no one is around now as computers do most if not all the switching and we have lost that human element, which had some pride.

  2. I read that the executives at Ten think they have hit the bottom and there is only one way to go, up. Really? As a shareholder I certainly don’t share their optimism.

  3. Well if Ten had New ncis last night with a good promo it surley would have got around 800,000 if not more! Well atleast we can all have another laugh this monday morning @ Ten’s figures:)

  4. Hugh Sheridan must be kicking himself – hard. Not sure whether IWS is a career killer, but he certainly made a terrible decision when he signed on to do it.

  5. There is a problem with the X Factor Being 70 minutes long, even if the EPGs are correct

    As well as increasing revenue by running Home and Away from 7pm till 7:35pm then The X Factor from 7:35pm till 8:54pm tonight Seven are also trying to stop people from watching other shows that have already started on the other 15 FTA channels and 60 odd cable channels.

    There used to a standard that networks would all start programmes on the half hour so viewers were able to pick what they wanted to watch in the next hour. But it means nothing these days.

    The drop in views from 1.3M to 500k after Winners and Losers shows that viewers aren’t locked in to watching Channel 7 till the next half hour anymore. They certainly didn’t watch Episodes or the second half of the NCIS rpt since they recorded record low numbers. Instead when the X Factor finished they either watched something on timeshift or did something else.

    This tactic may boost Seven’s ratings from 6-9pm but it does annoys viewers and is accelerating the decline in commercial TV viewers.

  6. Well, interesting. Firstly good to see “I Will Survive”improving a little. Why cant Ten move it to Thursday and Friday at 7 30pm away from X Factor and it would pick up even more. I am told the second half of the series is by far the best and where it loses a lot of the drag which is clearly a turn off for a lot of viewers.
    “Smash” is doing well considering it is a re run, but too late to do any better. Seven should be shot for their late programming.
    Finally -“Home and Away”, its rating consistancy is a tribute to the writing and acting that this series posseses these days. It has some really fine actors, gone are the days where kids with no experience headed the show. Georgie Parker,Marcus Graham, John Batchelor,Lincoln Younes,Sonia Todd, Shane Withington, some of the best and most experienced actors in the country.

  7. I’m loving I Will Survive and I think it’s a refreshing change from all the other shows on air. I hope TEN keep with it. I know the figures aren’t great but really, if you’re going to replace it with repeats, the figures would remain the same anyway.

  8. I agree with X-Factor not being live, why not make it fit in an hour timeslot. I can just see when the live shows start Smash will probably be pushed to after 10pm start.

    I still think its a shame about I will Survive. Its really well produced and they really seem to care about the show.

  9. @ emurray I acknowledge that Smash numbers were now OK for a 9.50 start. Programs starting whenever the stations feel like it is an absolute joke.

    Last night’s X Factor was not live so they should have been able to place it in the one hour slot allocated. The problem is that a quality program like Smash is on so late that its ratings are average as everyone has PVR’d it.

  10. X factor ran until 850 and then so winners and losers and smash both started 20 min late. What was interesting that when looked at tv guide on ten app that GWN for WA did have correct starting times but 7 didn’t

  11. Well done Seven. I note that Ten is trailing the ABC yet again by 4 share points in the week to date. I tried to watch I Will Survive last night once again but it was just terrible. Why Ten persists with this is beyond me.

    Now that Mott has gone – who else will take responsibility for this mess. Warburton and/or – Murdoch ?

    Shareholders should think long and hard about voicing their concerns at the AGM given this performance – disastrous !

  12. It was with some considerable horror I realised this morning this household has set the PVR to record – not 1 – not 2 – but 3 (count ’em, three!) of TEN’s weekly 7.30 shows.

    They are the wedding car wreck Don’t Tell the Bride and the two outings of I Will Survive.

    We are both seeking professional help…

  13. Anger Management and Episodes will be bumped to 9.30 and 10.00 respectively next week instead of a movie which does not rate well on a Tuesday night.

    How can I Will Survive really survive with those dreadful numbers? Time for it to appear on Eleven.

    Also, Smash should have done better, halving the lead in from Winners and Losers.

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