Underground: The Julian Assange Story: trailer

TEN has released a trailer for its upcoming telemovieĀ Underground: The Julian Assange Story.

TEN has had a very rough ride lately, but I’m really looking forward to this one.

The telemovie will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, which is a rare treat for TV content.



  1. @Trix, no doubt I’ll be able to get it on BluRay in a couple of months, so I can watch it ad free, in HD, and give my money to the creators.

    The joy of Gen Y, we have no loyalty. We won’t put up with something because it’s always been like that.

    This is why the ‘young’ skewing TEN has shows rating at SBS levels. Mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore šŸ˜‰

  2. I am looking forward to this too. What’s with people wanting to punish Channel 10? All the stations have served up some very poor programmes. If it’s good and people actually watch it would it not be an incentive for 10 to keep showing quality programmes.

  3. @JoshS sadly I have to agree with you if puberty blues was on another network it would almost definatly be rating probably double same goes for can of worms because theese great shows are on ten they are not rating

  4. To be perfectly honest, TEN don’t deserve to do well after the crappy year they have put up to us viewers but because of the strength of it and how fantastic its going to be, i hope it does well for them. Really looking forward to this one

  5. Sydney2K, I have no doubt that it will bve absolutely fantastic, but there is no way I am letting TEN get ratings for it (as someone with a ratings box, I have that power :D).

    There is only so much a station can do before their brand is irrevocably broken. TEN is at that point. Whatever Underground rates, you can easily double the figure if it was on Seven.

    Look at Puberty Blues, highly regarded, well received, rating in the toilet because of the network.

  6. This could be interesting. I’ve been watching the different news coverages on the saga but most miss most of the facts and it was once again 4 Corners that set the record strait in my mind.

    Guess this will air on a Sunday later in the year.

  7. Cannot wait for this – and agree – now it has screened at a major film festival it cannot be held back for long. It would probably win a Sunday night as appointment viewing and restore a bit of stability to Ten – particularly with advertisers.

  8. Looks fantastic! You couldn’t make up a more interesting story

    Ten have bombed out on every reality series produced this year but their original drama slate has been fantastic (was lukewarm on Bike Wars..).

  9. Watch on TEN or get another way…?

    Sorry TEN, you’ve had your chances, now you must burn.

    They must no be rewarded with viewers after their year of contempt towards us.

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