Update: Smash. Bumped: Hung. Gone: Cougar Town, Olivia Lee: Dirty, Sexy, Funny.

Updated: Changes to Tuesday line-up and a tweak to next Monday from Seven.

Seven is tweaking its Tuesday night line-up.

Smash will now air as double episodes from next week at 9:30 / 10:30pm.

It will be followed by Hung at 11:30pm.

That means Cougar Town and Olivia Lee: Dirty, Sexy, Funny are both now out of schedule.

Seven has also adjusted its Monday schedule next week for a 70 minute episode of The X Factor on Monday night, bumping the rest of the night by 10 minutes:

8:40pm GCB
10:40pm Up All Night
11:10pm Suits
12:05am 30 Rock

Update: Cougar Town will return first week of October.

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  1. Two of my favourite shows are Smash & Hung. Its a pity they are on so late but I am able to record the episodes and watch them later. I will look forward to a double episode of Smash but can’t understand why it is not promoted more by the station. Hopefully they will show Season 2.

  2. Channel 7 I beseech you!! Please air this on another of your digital free to air stations at a more humane time! For those of us who work, we end up very bleary eyed after a double episode…. This is a great TV series, but I can’t see myself committing to nights finishing at 11.30 pm plus…

  3. Channel 7 are screening double episodes of Smash because they don’t have anything better to show at the moment, but it’s not rating well enough to stay on at 9:45pm when they do have something better to show.

    Smash would then most likely move to a late night slot rather than a secondary channel. They have the most successful and profitable secondary channels which aren’t cannibalising their main channel, and they won’t want to mess with that.

    72 is aimed at older viewers who watch British crime shows and they have lots of cheap rights to that stuff that can compete with UKTV, 13th Street and the ABC1 on the weekends.

    Mate is aimed at men who watch cheap cable shows there because they don’t have cable lifestyle or sitcom channels.

  4. Wasn’t sure when I heard the premise of Smash but we love it. Great cast, music and storyline. Thought it would suit straight up after X-Factor (which we don’t watch). But I guess Glee for grown ups might be a turn off for the viewers.

    Still sticking with Suits, no matter how shabbily it’s treated.

  5. Always confuses me as to why the remove good programs to run more episodes of another program (which some of us have never heard of). They couldn’t possibly have chosen another night, or one of their two other stations?

  6. Yep what Johnson said is true even though i dont like double eps either especially that late

    Also cant see 7 fast tracking any of Parenthood this year as they still have to show Killing Time somewhere in the schedule

  7. Smash has 15 episodes in the first season. With 13 Tuesdays left in the ratings season, and The X Factor Grand Final set to occupy the final Tuesday (There is also a performance show on Tuesday September 25 due to the Brownlow Medal), Seven has no choice but to air double episodes of Smash.

  8. So after 2 weeks Smash is bumped, thank god it already aired on Foxtel!

    So could this be leading the way to Parenthood which starts next Tuesday in the US. They could fast track it a week after the US at 9:30 Tuesday, followed but Smash at 10:30?

  9. So is this push for GCB to 8.40 so they are actually advertising the time it usually starts each week cos of overrun, or does it still actually mean it will be 8.50 now??? If it’ll just be 8.50 now then what’s the point Seven?

  10. Double episodes are a graveyard for all TV shows, it means the station has lost confidence in them and just throwing them away. I doubt “Smash” could have done any better considering it is a repeat from cable and everyone I know saw it first time round even if they didnt have cable. But will Seven be loyal to it and show the second season first instead of Foxtel????????

  11. Smash is the most beautifully crafted show – I don’t understand why it’s not, well a huge smash here. If people only want to watch mindless dross, well that’s up to them but IMHO this is a joy to watch. Shame viewers, shame on you for not switching on and shame on 7 for not having faith in this quality show.

  12. Again poor old “Suits” gets shafted with the “double episode” thing (GCB) that seems rife now. I hate double episodes, and I see a few other people hate them also. Oh well the PVR starts 20 mins early(because some times and only sometimes shows commence early) and half an hour late. Suits was supposed to be on at 11.10 this week it finally commenced around 11.20 pm. Not good enough Seven, which is good as I am finding out what a delightful program “Can of Worms” is and Chrissie Swan what a treasure!
    Come on Ten C’Mon Well it worked for the cricket !

  13. Grrr. So with XF’s usual over-run, Hung won’t be starting until close to midnight. Didn’t mind Cougar Town either. And as much as I am enjoying Smash, I detest double eps so I think it’s time to part company. I will either see it elsewhere or do without.

    And they wonder why so many people are wary of even starting to watch serialised shows on 7 or 9.

  14. But as well all know, all the 8.40pm shows will actually now be 8.48pm both ruining the ratings prior to PVR consolidation and annoy the viewers even more.
    Burning off Smash is a reaction to the low numbers last night due to it not starting at the convenient and conventional time of 9.30pm.

  15. I don’t mind too much, as I like Smash, but felt that I needed to watch a couple of episodes back to back to get into the show.It would be good though if 7two could replay the double episode during the day.

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