US shows coming to lift TEN

Eight returning US shows and one new US comedy are coming soon to TEN.

TEN is hoping to lift its ailing performance with a raft of returning US shows.

TEN has confirmed to TV Tonight it will soon return 8 favourite shows and launch one new title, Ben and Kate.

The comedy stars Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon as brother and sister who are exact opposites. Ben is an over-the-top dreamer, while younger sister Kate is a single mother trying to make ends meet as a bar manager.

The FOX show premieres in the US on September 25.

TEN will also return:
The Good Wife,
Modern Family,
Hawaii 5-0,
Law & Order: SVU.

Anticipated telemovie Underground: The Julian Assange Story also has its worldwide premiere.

Nine and Seven are both tipped to be returning a bunch of US shows but holding most new titles until 2013.

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  1. @ Kevin – couldn’t agree more! For about a month I was emailing TEN every week asking about these shows, with no reply, so I then took to Twitter tweeting (most probably not the write word but you get what I mean =p) ONE until they replied they had no news on Burn Notice, White Collar or Blue Bloods return. About 2 weeks later, they launched their new appearance with all three shows removed from the websites Series page. I have since tweeted ONE 3 times asking will they return to which I have not received a reply. I think it is time they sold their rights to Foxtel (SoHo is currently showing repeats of Burn Notice and White Collar, and I have asked SoHo to buy Blue Bloods even though 13th Street, TV1 and FX could also be possible options).

  2. For the One channel, what about new eps of White Collar (it’s a joke how behind Ten are with this), Blue Bloods, Burn Notice, Psych and finishing Friday Night Lights that wrapped up 2 years ago. If one is into these shows, you have no choice, but to use other sources.

  3. Great stuff, really looking forwards to all of these except for the Julian thing…

    In the paper today, it reported that the other channels were also going to fastrtack stuff as well. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall the words “40 shows” in there somewhere? It is going to be a good end to the year 🙂

  4. Will definitely give Ben And Kate a go, and can’t wait for The Good Wife and Homeland to return. But what about House of Lies that was meant to premiere a couple of weeks ago? And what about The New Normal which has already premiered in the U.S. with steady ratings and good reviews?

  5. I’ve said it before and JB has below, Ten need a point of difference from the big two commercial networks. IMO they need to do two things – commit to starting programs at the advertised time, and communicate better. Tell us that they’re going to be doing this, and make it an integral part of their promos. They will be rewarded (assuming that they actually do it).

    Really looking fwd to Homeland.

  6. @HardcorePrawn and @JB…I have the same issues re Ten and 9. These late starts and sometimes very late starts and constant chopping and changing does nothing to help their bottom line. It leads the audience to be restless and dissatisfied. I frankly wish more people would ‘switch of’ and keep telling the broadcasters why. Then perhaps they would stop simply attacking those of us being repeatedly critical and actually get a grip and do better.

    It seems such a simple equation…do badly over and over and you will be criticised over and over…do a professional job and met your promises and you will get praise.

  7. Spot on JB, Ten should use their current predicament to prove that they’re the reliable network, & not just bump shows and delay program starts like the others do.

    I also reckon that unless a show is really failing, then they need to have the courage of their convictions and leave it where it is, not bump it around the schedules. If a show is doing moderately OK in its original timeslot, shifting it to different times on different days is not going to win any new viewers, but alienate the existing ones.
    Why can’t the commercial networks see this?

  8. Ten you certainly need to do something.

    I assume they are trying to gain momentum…use up all their US series and then fail next year without any US product.

    Rely on your expert local production skills and track record I say !!

  9. I’d be interested to know if Ten will indeed fast-track and bring Dennis Quaid’s ‘Vegas’ here. Could be a good series.

    @[email protected]…how did you manage to get an official statement when they don’t give them? Have you threatened a stage act? (see other topics for reference here).

    @carolemorrisey…I would go DVD after such a longish wait.

    @Greg..hear hear.

  10. This is great. I watch all but 2 of those shows so i will once again be watching Ten. It’s been a while. I will say this though, if you are just going to start them 10 minutes late each night then don’t bother. I won’t put up with that, so while i’ll support those networks that fast-track shows, start them on time, or i won’t watch. Ten especially needs to do this. They have to win viewers back and state that they’re not like the other networks. That viewers can rely on them. I wanna see ads on Ten saying sorry, saying they’ll be fast-tracking, and saying they’ll start on time. Stick it up the other networks.

    News Ltd websites are reporting Seven’s fast-tracking The Amazing Race and Once Upon A Time.

  11. A spokesperson for the Ten Network said “We’re also planning to dazzle our remaining viewers with a revamp of the Test Pattern.”

    Another spokesperson revealed that the previous spokesperson had just been “let go”.

    A further spokesperson revealed that the “other spokesperson was no longer with the network either…”

  12. TEn already slow off the mark with “Glee”. All those “Glee” freaks want to see it immediately or go on line.Other years Ten has fast tracked it, by missing the boat they will probably lose a few thousand viewers, but , hey, they are used to that.
    I was beginning to think they didnt have the money to buy any new episodes of anything.

  13. Still no White Collar. Come on Channel 10, we are so far behind the US with this great show. It’s about time we gave it a fair go over here. If you don’t want it, give it to Channel 9 or 7.

  14. All the returning shows except Homeland have been treated badly in the past year to two, so I wonder how they will perform now.
    Good thing they didn’t the other new comedies “Guys with Kids”, “The New Normal”, and “Go On” as they are all terrible and would have been dropped from week two.

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