X Factor live lifts off for Seven

The first Live show of The X Factor launched strongly for Seven, pulling 1.58m viewers in Preliminary figures, but will be adjusted to 1.59m for running overtime. That’s higher than last year’s 1.45m for the first Live show and better than 2010 which was 1.11m.

The show ran until 10pm, helping Seven network to a 35.6% for the night. That created trouble for other networks.  Nine was 27.5%, ABC 18.4%, TEN 14.7% and SBS 3.9%.

Elsewhere for Seven,  Seven News was 1.34m then Today Tonight (1.14m), Home and Away (1.03m), GCB (975,000 to be adjusted), Deal or No Deal (601,000) and Up All Night (375,000).

Nine News was 1.26m for Nine, ACA won with 1.19m, then Underbelly: Badness (1.01m), Big Brother (Live nominations: 961,000), Hot Seat (671,000) and Footy Classified (276,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News (1.09m) won its slot for ABC1 then 7:30 (870,000), Australian Story (817,000), Q & A (611,000), Media Watch (582,000) and Four Corners (533,000).

TEN News won its slot with 721,000 but then the network slipped backwards. Modern Family was 591,000, Can of Worms was 494,000, Don’t Tell the Bride was 483,000, The Project 6pm was 460,000, and Hawaii Five-0 limped in at just 273,000.

Mythbusters was 253,000 on SBS ONE then Derren Brown Investigates (183,000) and World News Australia (173,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 319,000.

Today: 364,000
Sunrise: 343,000
ABC News Breakfast: 43,000 / 27,000
Breakfast: 38,000

Monday 17 September 2012


  1. Grr! I know it’s a common complaint, but I was out monday night and because xfactor ran a least 20 minutes over, I lost the last 10-15 minutes of GCB, despite setting my TiVo to record for an extra 10 minutes! 🙁

  2. @JB. I do understand what you’re saying. It’s always disappointing when a show you like gets shunted around and sometimes disappears completely. But it’s a cutthroat business and I have a feeling that 5-0 will end up on the same merry-go -round as Burn Notice and White Collar.

  3. Hawaii five 0 should have been moved to one a long time ago, would go well after a show like burn notice.
    Can of worms needs some help which sucks cause its the best show on mondays. Don’t tell the bride is holding its viewers, Ten just needs to do smarter promoting for it.
    Bring on Ten’s new shows’!!

  4. Ouch. So Nine’s viewers in Sydney and Brisbane dropped from 508k for Underbelly to 203k for POI.

    Looks like I will be asking for a POI Season 2 DVD for Christmas next year.

  5. @JB
    Any show that is moved to a secondary channel loses half its audience immediately because a lot of people don’t look there (and some don’t have access to all the channels). And the advertising rates are less/viewer too. So there is a substantial loss of revenue.

    And if Ten screens something in prime time on 11 or One that rates in the hundreds of thousands that is competing with 10’s audience as well as the other networks. And for Eleven they heavily target 16-39s so you need to consider whether or not the programme has that demographic as an audience.

    Channel 10 also needs to keep enough content to fill 9:30pm Thursday, 11:30pm and peak time slots over summer so they keep an audience and can promote their best shows during the ratings season.

    And of course there is the question of keep things in reserve for shows that get dumped.

    Ten decided Hawaii Five-o was better keeping than giving to Eleven or One, and they are now using it.

  6. Don’t think people understand what i’m saying. Hawaii Five-O rates poorly for Ten which is why I don’t understand why they would schedule it for 9.30 Monday where it will still rate poorly and have Ten prob axe it anyway. It could be put on Eleven or ONE as a flagship show for one of those channels and let to run a full season in the one timeslot and rate ok for a digital channel.

  7. I agree with pertinax and squareeyes. H50 fans shouldn’t be complaining, ten have treated it much better than they should have. it hasn’t rated well in years, fans should just be lucky it is on air at all.

  8. Hawaii 5-0 can’t be on at 10:30pm on Channel 10 because they need to show the late news to make the local quota content for the day.

    Hawaii 5-0 was moved because Channel 10 were giving a good go and trying to find a slot where it worked (something 7 or 9 would never do). It didn’t so they dumped it. They were probably planing on showing it over summer, rather than on Eleven.

    Of course now Channel 10’s expectations have been lowered they need it.

  9. Caught up on unwatched episodes of The Newsroom (pay TV SoHo) last night – real quality TV! X Factor just goes too long to watch live. Person of Interest I wait for DVD release to watch all episodes (missed a few in the beginning due to lack of time or clashes).

  10. @squareyes, Ten yanked it off with 2 eps to go and has waited 5 months to air them and you don’t think that’s poor treatment? It’s also had several days and timeslots in 2 seasons.
    I know it rates poorly which is why i think it should be on Eleven / ONE in primetime. Even Ten at 10.30 would be fine. As long as it is fast tracked and kept in it’s timeslot, which is why i’m worried because it will rate poorly Monday at 9.30 so Ten will prob move it anyway.

  11. @JB I disagree that TEN has treated Hawaii 5-0 like crap. If I remember correctly , they were quite persistent with it initially, despite rating lower each week. You can’t expect them to keep screening it in prime time when it is getting the kind of figures it was.

  12. I am glad I read that The X Factor was a live show and did a manual recording. I should have the Suits with the ending on my HDR to watch tonight (unless Channel 7 dropped it with the late running).

  13. I said a while ago, i hope Ten don’t judge Hawaii Five 0 based on these 2 eps. They aired in April, majority of fans would have watched them either in April or the 5 months Ten took to finally show the last 2 eps. Hawaii Five-0 is a great show, but Ten have treated it like crap so they can’t expect the audience to put up with it.
    I’ll watch it on Ten when they start s3, but i know I shouldn’t because i have no doubt they’ll screw it around. The moment they start it late, or move timeslots, i’ll be going elsewhere.

  14. May I just say congratulations to Seven and the Xfactor team. What a fantastic show. Production is just as good as US and UK and finally Australia has reached to the level these amazing acts deserve. Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. Keep it up!

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