Fast-tracking fails to lift TEN’s Super-Sunday

Update: TEN adds a replay of Homeland after Season Two debut under-performs.

It was always going to be a tough battle, especially for the coveted 8:30pm timeslot, but TEN’s new-look Super Sunday didn’t fire last night.

Once again it has fallen behind the ABC despite new episodes of Merlin, Modern Family, The New Normal, Homeland and Vegas.

Modern Family proved to be its best performer at 850,000. Emmys-darling Homeland was fourth in its slot on 633,000 viewers. Such is the ferocity of the current TV landscape that new titles The New Normal and Vegas will now have their work cut out to resonate as long-term brands. TEN had a better outing  a week ago with local content, led by Underground: The Julian Assange Story.

There will be debate about whether TEN’s fast-tracking is fast enough for die-hard fans, with Homeland having its third episode airing in the US today, and The New Normal already 6 episodes long. Nevertheless, TEN is fast-tracking far more content than Seven and Nine in an aggressive bid to win back viewers.

Nine’s House Husbands proved resilient and won a tough 8:30 battle with 1.04m viewers. ABC’s anticipated Jack Irish was also strong on 950,000.

But it was Seven that won the night in Total People, including another solid outing by Anh Does Vietnam.

Seven Network was 30.3 then Nine 28.4%, ABC 18.4%, TEN 18.1% and SBS 4.7%.

Sunday Night topped the night with 1.35m viewers for Seven. Seven’s other shows were Anh Does Vietnam (1.31m), Seven News (1.2m), Bones (853,000), Killing Time (434,000) and Strike Back (210,000).

60 Minutes was best for Nine with 1.34m viewers followed by House Husbands (1.04m), Nine News (942,000), Big Brother (863,000), The Mentalist (659,000) and Person of Interest (337,000).

Jack Irish (950,000) topped ABC1 then ABC News (811,000), Great Southern Land (784,000), Compass (300,000) and The Slap (215,000).

A new Modern Family episode was best for TEN with 850,000 followed by Homeland (633,000), Merlin (558,000), The New Normal (488,000), TEN News (430,000), The Project (322,000) and Vegas (286,000).

Battle Castle topped SBS ONE with 297,000. Immortal and World News Australia pulled 195,000 each.

FIA Formula One World Championship did well for ONE with the Pre-Race pulling a big 377,000.

UPDATED: TEN adds a replay of Homeland to 9:30pm Wednesday and moves Class of final to 10:45pm Friday.

Sunday October 14 2012

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  1. @Pertinax Yes Oztam do count recordings, however with a proviso in the FAQ’s: oztam.com.au/FAQs.aspx

    Is it possible to measure the percentage of commercials being skipped during playback?
    OzTAM measures and reports only standard speed (normal) playback (i.e., no ‘trick mode’ or fast-forwarded material is included in OzTAM ratings).

    So if people are recording and skipping ads it is not counted as watched.

    And yes they will be measuring Online, probably by the end of this year ( this was released Sept 10th 2012):

    “In addition, ten per cent of OzTAM’s 3,500 panel homes will have both their TV sets and their PCs metered for viewing of broadcast TV content. We are currently working with Nielsen to develop the options for reporting viewing across multiple screens and to provide initial top line insights to the marketplace later this year,”

    As per this PDF: oztam.com.au/documents/Other/OzTAM%20extends%20Nielsen%20contract.pdf

  2. @Les Solomon
    Commercial TV stations make their money by offering very large audiences to advertisers. It is what they can do that other media can’t.

    If they offer repeats they split their audience and can’t do that. It also allows viewers more freedom to watch competitors shows and hurts them in the prime-time ratings which determine base advertising rates.

    Cable TV and public broadcasters have different priorities, keeping viewers happy to fork over subscriptions or taxes.

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