Funding approvals hint at ABC renewals

More Dead Gorgeous. Twentysomething and Laid are on the cards, plus several new series.

A number of funding approvals recently at Film Victoria indicate renewals are planned for several ABC shows: Twentysomething, Dead Gorgeous and Laid.

All of these are as yet unannounced.

Also unannounced is a new comedy series It’s a Date for ABC, plus two other projects with broadcasters yet to be revealed: The Athletes and Small Boy (the latter may be SBS project A Better Man retitled, this is unclear).

Recent FilmVic funding approvals:

It’s A Date
Hell and High Water Holdings
ABCTV Adult comedy series

Twentysomething Series Two,
Twentysomething Holdings
ABCTV Adult comedy series

The Athletes
Producers: Robert Connolly, John Harvey, Marie Maroun
Writer: Tony Briggs, Wayne Blair & Tracey Rigney
Funding Amount: $20,000

Laid Series 3
Producer: Andy Walker
Writers: Marieke Hardy & Kirsty Fisher
Funding Amount: $18,208

Small Boy
Producers: Stephen Corvini & Jason Stephens
Writer: Khoa Do
Funding Amount: $20,000

Dead Gorgeous Series 2
Producer: Ewan Burnett
Writer: Joss King, Chris Roache, Philip Dalkin
Funding Amount: $23,000

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