Gruen Planet wraps the year on a high

Ratings: The season finale for Gruen Planet topped ABC's list of shows last night but Seven won the night.

The season finale for Gruen Planet topped ABC’s list of shows last night, on a quiet night of Wednesday viewing.

New US shows on TEN, including Glee and the premiere of Emily Owens MD (with very little publicity fanfare) didn’t light up the network’s night. This is an abject lesson in how not to launch new shows.

Meanwhile there are dual duels going on in breakfast TV with Sunrise and Today locked in a dead heat, and just 1,000 splitting Breakfast from ABC News Breakfast on ABC1.

Once again it was Seven which won the night, with early evening factuals on top.

Seven Network was 30.6%, Nine was 26.5%, ABC was 20.4%, TEN 16.8% and SBS 5.7%.

Surveillance Oz topped the night with 1.1m for Seven then Seven News (1.08m), Highway Patrol (1.03m), Today Tonight (913,000), Criminal Minds (871,000), Home and Away (850,000), World’s Wildest Police Videos (517,000), Deal or No Deal (473,000) and Covert Affairs (287,000).

Nine News was 1.07m for Nine. ACA  was 969,000, Big Brother: Little Sister was 780,000, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings was 611,000, Embarrassing Bodies was 587,000, Hot Seat was 521,000 and Who Do You Think You Are? was 266,000.

Gruen Planet season finale topped ABC1 with 1.03m then ABC News (939,000), 7:30 (821,000), Qi (818,000), The Hamster Wheel (795,000), Randling (406,000), At the Movies (331,000) and Lateline (223,000).

TEN News was 606,000. Glee was 552,000, Modern Family was 493,000, The Good Wife was 420,000, The Project 6pm was 396,000, Emily Owens MD was 239,000.

Living with the Amish was 238,000 for SBS ONE then Meet my Wild Friends was 229,000, World News Australia was 164,000 and The Choice was 125,000.

American Pickers on 7mate topped multichannels with 268,000.

Sunrise / Today: 356,000
Breakfast: 48,000
ABC News Breakfast: 47,000 / 24,000

Wednesday 24 October 2012

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  1. Emily Owens was very ordinary, and another example of American actors speaking at a million miles an hour so you only catch every 10th word.

    Why do they do this? It never happens in classy programs like The Good Wife and Homeland.

  2. I watched Emily Owens MD, let me put it this way, if I am home and it is on I would probably watch it, but if I was out I would not set the timer to record it. Probably a good thing it was not promoted as it was pretty mediocre, but a cut above other poor vision from other channels. Talking about promos does anyone else cringe with the promos for “So you think you can dance” where some goofy person shouts out “Shut Up” not once but twice. Frankly that has no place in a promo in my opinion, you might as well say the F word. I really think that is rude and uncalled for, OK I may be a prude but promos are supposed to make people watch, this one makes me turn off, and stay off. So Channel TEN be a little more selective in your editing for promos please !

  3. “Glee” figures considering the parlous state of things with Ten were pretty remarkable especially for a series well past its peak and into its (almost certainly)last season.I wrote here weeks ago it would get in the 500s and was pleased it almost got 600,000.
    I think Ten can be blamed that the series at the moment isnt getting in the mid 600s, but thats about all, all shows have a life and interest has long died in this series, Just the fact that last night’s episode had a couple of good dance sequences (well Kate Hudson’s ‘Americano”was far better than good) and was quite bearable and juggled the new New York locations with the local location quite well., said something for its ability to hang in there.

    Fresh from playing the topless call girl in “Homeland”,Melissa Benoist made a good fist of the new role and is refreshing. I cant imagine them being able to maintain this standard and it will deterioate into mediocrity quickly, but Ten should be pleased to have it. It will hold the side up of a desperately flailing network

  4. If Ten can only get 420k a quality show like The Good Wife at 8:30pm, after promoting it heavily, does it really matter how much they promote a mediocre show like Emily Owens MD for 9:30pm?

    It is almost November and the audiences’ mind is on other things than trying to sort through a dozen new shows that they may only get to see a handful of episodes of because most new shows get cancelled.

    At the end of summer, when you are sick to death of the cricket, is the time to get excited about new shows to watch.

    And we need a more factual adjective than “factual” for that genre.

  5. I am amazed too at the rate of which Aussies watch crap on tv compared to great drama’s like The goodwife. It’s actually really pathetic when you think most of us are more interested in watching our fellow Aussies get pulled up by cops or be seen on cctv

  6. Really dissapointed with the numbers for glee. Last nights episode was the lowest viewership since the christmas episode they broadcast in February which got 481,000 and that was on a friday night! The Last episode of Season 3 was a lot better with the ratings it had – 657,000. Just sad that a show that once got over 1 million viewers every week is now getting half that. Partly because of not-as-solid storylines and mainly because of Channel 10 changing the night it is on like 100 times!

  7. I agree Steve – That Fat Wedding show is an absolute joke!!! Just appalling!! And it the fact that it rates higher than any Ten for the night show is areal worry.

  8. Did Ten just assume that the few people remaining watching The Good Wife would just hang around for the following program? They were half-right.

    I have no comment on the top-rating program for the night. Well, I do but it consists mostly of words spelt with the characters above the number keys. Seven really are a shining beacon of mediocrity and LCD-fare aren’t they?

  9. Really disappointed in Australia choosing stupid reality shows over good dramas like the Good Wife. Another fantastic episode and I hope Ten keeps that timeslot. Did the numbers improve from the last couple of weeks now it has a relitively better lead in??

    I agree that Glee is not the same as previous seasons and I personally find the regular but not staring member of the Glee club awful….

  10. I feel its unfair to compare Breakfast with ABC News Breakfast just on ABC1.

    Outside of AEDST viewers are probably watching on ABC News 24 where it is live. So I feel the combined viewer figures are more accurate. I would be interested to see if there was an increase to ABC News 24 figures after daylight saving kicked in with QLD viewers switching over to ABC News 24.

  11. I saw some promos for Emily Owen during the news and I think Glee as well.

    I really wanted to get back into Glee, but it felt like there was too many storylines going on in this episode.

  12. I can’t remember seeing any promos for Emily Owens MD, didn’t even know TEN had the show as it’s only have 2 eps in the US. Didn’t watch it last night as The Good Wife doesn’t interest me and it was 10pm when I realized Emily Owens MD was on.

    TEN is promoting the crap out of Glee and Homeland, maybe it’s time for some other ‘fast tracked’ shows to get some attention?

    Those numbers for TEN last night where about half what they should be!

  13. I only catch the last few minutes while waiting for Embarrassing Bodies.. but honestly that Fat Gypsy Wedding show gets my vote for worst thing on FTA TV at the moment.

    Isn’t there a new season of Damages or something that Nine could put on instead?

  14. I could only stomach Emily Owens for about 3 minutes – but drama based in a hospital with a slightly neurotic blond woman whose inner dialogue features… poor copy of Offspring.

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