Hurricane Sandy triggers US reruns

US networks hold back premiere episodes, which is likely to impact on Australian fast-tracked eps.

In the scheme of things, it’s nowhere near as important as what is bearing down on the US east coast right now, but American networks are holding off first run episodes in light of Hurricane Sandy’s effects on such a large population.

The weather is expected to cause power outages along the seaboard over the next day, greatly reducing the number of eyeballs that could tune into premiere episodes.

That means Australian networks will most likely be without some first run, fast-tracked episodes too. There is always a downside to fast-tracking.

CBS and the CW are among the networks are airing repeat episodes, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Comedy Central replays Daily Show and Colbert Report.

CBS confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that the entire Monday lineup is pushing originals to next week. That includes new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Partners, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0, many of which had episodes thematically tied to Halloween.

New episodes of 90210 and Gossip Girl will also be delayed, with The CW airing repeats of last Monday’s episodes instead.

ABC is the only network with a live telecast (Dancing With the Stars) on the lineup. The two-hour performance episode, which films in L.A., was still scheduled to tape and air as originally planned while an original episode of Castle remains.

No decision had been made at FOX. Baseball world series ended after 4 of the 7 scheduled games which has also brought forward new X Factor to Thursday.

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  1. I know Jimmy Fallon did a show just without an audience, not sure about the other shows from New York. Wouldn’t shows like Today and GMA be able to relocate to higher levels in the building if need be?

  2. @jonasboi, as already mentioned Letterman did do a show, sans audience. It should be interesting to see tonight.

    It looks like Nine has already replaced tonight’s 2 Broke Girls by bumping 2.5 Men earlier and playing a double Mike & Molly.

  3. @jonasboi – So you’re saying that a few occasional interruptions is a good reason to scrap the idea of fast-tracking entirely? Also, Letterman always pre-records and has pre-recorded a show today without an audience which will go on air.

  4. This is why fast tracking isn’t a good idea and we get everything at once instead of getting something to replace something else, we get half the year with great shows on tv then the other is re-runs or crap.

    and Greg that is a pretty dumb question, David Letterman films in New York… so Yeah it’s kinda obvious he wont be on the air. (well not a live show anyway).

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