Ben Cousins for Dancing with the Stars?

Former footballer may take to the dance floor as part of his personal and media comeback.

Is Seven sports presenter Ben Cousins set to take to the dance floor for Dancing with the Stars?

Yesterday 6PR ran a rumour he will do just that, after being spotted in Melbourne.

Cousins landed a role as Sports Presenter on Seven News morning bulletin in Perth last June as he looked to rebuild his career post drug addiction and several run-ins with the law. He has also presented Sport in primetime in the West.

This year’s season, hosted by Chris Brown and Sonia Kruger, has network execs privately excited by the level of talent in its 2024 cast.

“I think this cast will surprise people. Last year’s success has allowed us to tap into a new calibre of talent. Lots of people have said ‘I’ll never do that’ and now they want to give it a give it a roll,” Head of Scheduling Brook Hall told TV Tonight.

“There’s going to be a promotion for every single dancer celebrity dancer … we think it will be our highest rating show on Seven this year.”

Filming is due to commence soon.

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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