Renewed: Strike Back

Action series Strike Back, currently airing on Seven, has been renewed for a new season in the US.

This will see a 10 episode season which will shoot in South Africa and Hungary.

Whilst ABC aired Chris Ryan’s Strike Back in Australia, Seven is screening Strike Back: Project Dawn after Cinemax became a co-producer.

Cinemax would not confirm which cast members will continue “due to plot spoilers in upcoming episodes (for 2013)” but Aussie Sullivan Stapleton is already in the 2012 season, Strike Back: Vengeance.

Source: Deadline


  1. The show is credited and distributed for TV as Strike Back. Channel 7 are screening the second season. Presumably the new production deal either ended the ABC’s options or they declined it.

    Sky titled S1 as “Chris Ryan’s Strike Back” in the UK because the author is well known there.

    The story for the second season is titled “Project Dawn” and that is the episode titles. The DVDs were released as “Strike Back: Cinemax Season One” in the US and as “Strike Back: Project Dawn” in the UK .

    Anyway apart from the gaping plot holes it is a silly bit of fun. Channel 7 bought it to fill a hole on the footy grandfinals long weekend and then 9:30pm for a month to save their main Sunday shows for 2013.

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