Axed in 2019

These are the shows that signalled the end, whether by their own hand or by network execs.

Time for the annual list of shows that signalled the end in 2019.

Here are the shows that indicated conclusions whether by network decision, their own creatives or other forces at work.

They include some titles yet to screen final episodes either in Australia or overseas.


Andrew Denton: Interview,
Blind Date,
Buying Blind,
Creek to Coast,
Date Night,

Game of Games,
Get Krack!n,
Kids’ WB,

Queensland Weekender,
Marngrook Footy Show,
SA Weekender,
Saturday Night Rove,
Sunday Night,
Sydney Weekender,
Talking Married,

Today Tonight,
The Footy Show (AFL),
The Great Day Out,
The Great Weekend,
The Living Room,
The Perrett Report,
Think Tank,
Wentworth (to end in 2021).


Anne with an E,
Angie Tribeca,
Beecham House,
Berlin Station,
Birds of a Feather,
Bojack Horseman,
Busy Tonight,
Channel Zero,
Cloak and Dagger,

Designated Survivor,
Dear White People,

For the People,
Fresh off the Boat,
Friends from College,
Fuller House,
Grand Hotel,
How to Get Away with Murder,

Into the Badlands,
Jessica Jones,
Lethal Weapon,

Madam Secretary,
Man in the High Castle,
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,
Marvel’s Runaways,
Modern Family,

Murphy Brown,
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return,
Now Apocalypse,
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,
Reef Break,

Schitt’s Creek,
Santa Clarita Diet,
She’s Gotta Have It,
Silicon Valley,
Sneaky Pete,
Strange Angel,
Strike Back,

The 100,
The Detour,
The Gifted,
The Good Place,

The Inbetween
The OA,
The Passage,
The Punisher,
The Rain,
The Ranch,
The Son,
The Tick,
Trial and Error,
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,
Wild Bill,

Will & Grace,

There are also a bunch of Aussie shows that networks have never formally axed, but as is the trend they simply fade into our memories (City Homicide, Offspring anyone?). While it’s reasonable to afford a network some time to arrive at a decision, 12 months seems reasonable.

So here are some 2018 shows which didn’t return 2019 and were not mentioned at 2020 Upfronts. They now move onto the Axed list until otherwise advised:

Back in Very Small Business,
Beach Cops,
Bite Club,
Corey White’s Road Map to Paradise,
Don’t Stop the Music,
Driving Test,
Everyone’s a Critic,
Dance Boss,
Family Food Fight,
Janet King,
Little Big Shots,
Pine Gap,
Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures,
Street Smart,
Take Me Out,
The Chef’s Line,
The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds,
True Story with Hamish & Andy,
Yummy Mummies,
and The Rich House …which never even got to air!

Most of these are listed on the blog, click on a Tag for more info!

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  1. I have watched (or will watch) 17 of them. 14 are final seasons announced well in advance and none of I feel it wasn’t time. Only 3 were cancelled on take out the trash day before upfronts, but won’t miss any of them either.

    Mr. Robot seems to be missing. It finished up on Dec 22nd in US. Still being burnt off in double eps by Foxtel (though they have managed to split the 2 part final which aired together in the US!)

  2. Amazon Studios has announced 4th & final season of Goliath. IMHO it hasn’t been cancelled or axed, rather it has been “ended”. Ditto for Lucifer, as Netflix has announced a 5th & final season. The final seasons of both are due in 2020.

    The same for Madam Secretary and several other shows in your list.

    Personally, I think there is a big difference between “Axed/Cancelled” and “Ended”.

    Finally, a 2nd season of Manhunt has been announced by ITV and elsewhere.

  3. Ten’s Changing Rooms was axed too. Why has Ten never aired the remaining handful of episodes? (Even over the summer, like what other networks do. lol.)

  4. Does it bother anyone else that The is used as a word in the title
    For example The Detour should be under D not T
    At the risk of sounding rude, it irritates the “heck” outta me

    1. 10 has declined to state Offspring is axed / cancelled. It’s very silly. UMB was last seen in 2016, so I think you have your answer. Seachange is one of many 2019 shows in limbo. Applying same method as above it would fall onto the list in a year’s time if not airing in 2020 or announced for 2021.

  5. I really liked Bite Club & was disappointed 9 didn’t renew it. And was hoping for more Janet King too. When A place to call home finished I thought they would do more since Marta would have more time. But then we got a third season of Glitch after 2 years so there’s still hope.

    1. Thing is ABC always weigh up whether to do new or returning and they find the balance quite difficult. Plus they’ve had Newton’s Law and Total Control which have filled the same sort of space Janet King would’ve in the past few years.

      1. I forgot about Newton’s law, I assume that isn’t returning either? But I am glad Total Control is, I am not always a fan of political dramas, but this was exceptionally scripted and acted!

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