1. Proposition Joe

    The documentary line up looks excellent. Australia really doesn’t produce enough home grown documentaries in my opinion, but SBS consistently produces amazing series like First Australians.

  2. If Tony Iffland is serious about restoring SBS’ drama and comedy leadership he needs to appoint a Head of Drama to provide the producing community with some guidance and leadership. They have been in a holding pattern in these areas for the past few years due to their budgetary restrictions, but that has lead to a great deal of frustration and disappointment with the current team. SBS needs to make a fresh start.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    I thought S2 of Boardwalk Empire was going to be on SBS in the second half of the year after what-ever requisite time from it’s showing on Foxtel had expired. Hopefully the new output deal only relates to new content which should quarantine at least the first three seasons.

  4. @Paul007: this week Foxtel signed a new long-term output deal with HBO, which rules out HBO from selling programs to free-to-air networks. So from next year SBS will not be able to show further seasons of Boardwalk Empire, for the duration of the Foxtel contract, which could go for a few years.

  5. Next year’s Who Do You Think You Are are all entertainers- so far no sports person listed, and no indigenous person. Kill two birds with one stone and profile Rugby Union’s Ella brothers.

  6. I am happy to see Who Do You Think You Are return. The celebrities appearing in it this time seem great. I am also happy to see Housos returning next year too.

    Sad to see no mention of Letters and Numbers too.

    I like the sounds of the drama Better Man, and Shane Delia’s lifestyle show too.

  7. I watch more sbs and sbs2 than anything..mostly for the movies,but save for a good lineup for Who Do You Think You Are,only Better Man stands out here.Bullet In The Face ought to be ok too.If you’re gonna do comedy,let Canadians do it for you.They are way way funnier.

    • Again these are only highlights. You can’t run a full year on these shows alone so we can expect to see many more, presumably such as Man vs Wild, South Park and Shameless.

      I did ask about Go Back 3. They do want another but are still mulling how it should work for S3.

  8. Disappointing that they aren’t overhauling SBS2 or releasing the youth-skewed SBS3 which had been rumored.
    There has actually been an influx of really good programming on SBS1 lately including Breaking Amish, Living with the Amish, the doco on the IBM computer “Watson” who trialed on Jeopardy (thanks to David for highlighting that one last week) as well as the rebuilding history show where old buildings are relocated and restored to their former glory.
    Thanks to the new SBS OnDemand LG Smart TV app, I managed to get hold of the ones I missed on the PVR.
    I don’t foresee NITV rating well, I expect to see similar results or less than SBS2.

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