Seven bumps The Price is Right in Melbourne to help Seven News

Seven is acting on its underperforming Seven News in Melbourne by trying to shore up its lead-in programmes.

From Monday The Price is Right moves to 3pm in the Melbourne market to be replaced by repeats of Victorian-based travel series Coxy’s Big Break, hosted by Geoff Cox. It remains at 5pm in all-other markets.

This week Seven News has rated 192,000 on Monday (its lowest since Xmas Day 2007), 245,000 on Tuesday and 235,000 on Wednesday while Nine has scored 350,000 / 413,000 / 365,000.

Around the rest of the country Seven News either wins or, as in Sydney, remains competitive.

There are also problems at 5:30pm with Hot Seat scoring 190,000 in Melbourne and Deal or No Deal on 105,000 yesterday .

Speculation about the future of Deal or No Deal continues with the show not rating a mention in Seven’s release of 2013 Programming highlights.



  1. By moving TPIR to a 3pm timeslot, they are asking it to fail, as nobody, except stay-at-home mum’s like me, are home to watch it. I used to watch channel 7 from 4pm onwards, now I just turn it on at 300 (if I’m home!) to watch TPIR, then again at 530 to watch DOND. At 6pm I switch over to channel 9 news anyway as I find their news coverage is better – sorry channel 7, but it is. I agree with previous comments that TPIR isn’t the same as the old format and the prizes do suck. However I have always loved the show so for that reason I will continue to make the effort to watch it, when I’m home to watch it. But please, move it back to the 5pm timeslot!! Otherwise you’ll find ratings for TPIR will drop too!!

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