Seven wins Monday as fast-tracking yet to fire for TEN

TEN’s fast-tracking of new content hasn’t managed to improve the network’s standing -but all is not lost, with high profile shows on the way.

New episodes of New Girl could only manage 425,000 last night, light years away from the 1.27m its premiere snared in January.

The night was dominated by Seven Network with a 33.8% share then Nine 27.6%, ABC 19.6%, TEN 15.3% and SBS 3.7%.

The X Factor Performance was 1.43m for Seven then Seven News (1.4m), Today Tonight (1.08m), Home and Away (1.03m), GCB (638,000), Deal or No Deal (570,000) and Up All Night (330,000).

Nine News led for Nine on 1.18m then ACA (1.1m), Big Brother (incorrectly coded with ‘Nominations’ on 946,000), the final episode of Underbelly: Badness (861,000), Hot Seat (616,000) and Person of Interest (553,000 / ep 2 was 184,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News topped ABC1 with 1.08m followed by Australian Story (968,000), 7:30 was very strong on 906,000, Media Watch (621,000), Q & A (572,000), Four Corners (567,000) and Restoration Man (279,000).

TEN News was 720,000 for TEN. Modern Family was 626,000, Can of Worms was 565,000, New Girl was 425,000 / 410,000, The Project 6pm was 387,000 and Hawaii Five-0 was 307,000.

SBS ONE had a tough night with Mythbusters (249,000), World News Australia (182,000), Derren Brown Investigates (122,000) and Shameless (82,000).

Big Bang led multichannels with 327,000.

Today: 357,000
Sunrise: 329,000
ABC News Breakfast: 43,000 / 25,000
Breakfast: 40,000

Monday 1 October 2012


  1. @pertinax

    I totally agree with you; piracy issues are only part of it and yes those figures for Grey’s will drop as we get into the season. I also agree that fast-tracking everything is not the answer and probably impossible too. It will be interesting to see how it works out for FTA and in terms of what I watch I’m happy they’re doing it. The trick will be not to fall too far behind the US, as people will get inpatient and watch via other means.

  2. @Jel

    Yes showing some programmes straight after their US airing makes sense. Especially those with an established audience that are highly likely to be illegally downloaded or are not needed for the peak period of the ratings season. But everyone will want their own favourite shows to be shown and showing everything in September makes no sense.

    Not all illegal downloading will be stopped and it is only one factor.

    While Grey’s ratings were up on the delayed episodes from last season, a reduction in illegal downloading is only a part of that. Tuesday being a better night than Thursday, The X Factor and Winner & Losers are better lead ins, less competition from Ten, the end of the last season was affected heavily by the @l^mp!cs and it was the resolution of a cliff hanger will also have affected the ratings.

    So the illegal downloading reduction will only be some fraction of the 175k increase. Which less than the timeshifting and difference in viewers due to not showing episodes in Winter when the audience in larger.

  3. I think fast-tracking some shows will be good for ratings. I was impressed with Grey’s Anatomy numbers for last night. 685,000 for a 9.45 pm show is very good and Greys was trending in the top ten on Twitter when it screened. Sure this result will cut down on piracy, given Australia used to wait six months for this show to air.

  4. @bindi
    They were showing repeats because they had no new episodes, when they have new episodes they show those. They are available on 10s website.

    Channel 7 and 9 show their promos in big banners right across the middle of shows show that people who skip the ads get to see them. Bloody annoying though.

  5. There have been so many repeats lately people probably just assumed these were yet more, I nearly did. They really need to introduce a seperation period, remove all repeats of a show for a few weeks before you introduce new episodes, this way people might notice.

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