Seven wins total people, Nine wins demos -again.

There are now only 8 more weeks in the ratings race and the two big guns each have their eye on a prize.

There are now only 8 more weeks, including this one, remaining in the television year for 2012.

Unless current trends change dramatically, Seven should win the year in Total People and Nine should win the Demos. TEN is not at risk of losing Total People to the ABC, but it will likely be a diminished margin compared to 2011.

Seven won last week but Nine took the demos. NRL Grand Final was the week’s #1 show. ABC took third place once again.

Seven: 32.0
Nine: 28.6
ABC: 17.9
TEN: 16.4
SBS: 5.2

Primary Channel:
Seven: 23.2
Nine: 21.3
ABC1: 13.6
TEN: 10.6
SBS ONE: 4.4

7TWO: 5.4
GO!: 4.6
7mate: 3.3
Gem: 2.7
ONE: 2.6
ABC2: 2.5
ABC3: 0.9
ABC News 24: 0.9
SBS TWO: 0.8

Seven won every night except Sunday, which was won by Nine. The ABC defeated TEN all nights except Tuesday and Saturday.

Seven won each city except Melbourne, which fell to Nine.

The X Factor was best for Seven with 1.47m for its results show. Other brands were Seven News (Sat: 1.27m, weeknights: 1.16m, Sun: 1.15m), Winners and Losers (1.05m), Betters Homes and Gardens (1.02m), Surveillance Oz (1.00m) and Sunday Night (993,000).

The NRL Grand Final was adjusted to 2.5m for the match itself, lifting above its preliminary figure of 2.4m. Other titles were 60 Minutes (1.33m), Nine News (Sat: 1.43m, Sun: 1.07m, weeknights: 1.06m), The Big Bang Theory (1.12m), Big Brother (highest 1.1m), House Husbands (1.09m) and ACA (969,000).

ABC News (weeknights: 1.02m, Sat: 887,000) topped ABC1 then Gruen Planet (1.01m), Call the Midwife (983,000), Australian Story (960,000), Rake (787,000), The Hamster Wheel (785,000) and 7:30 (746,000).

NCIS topped TEN with 803,000 followed by Puberty Blues (705,000), TEN News (645,000), a Modern Family repeat (626,000), NCIS: LA (609,000) and Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals (582,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? was best for SBS ONE on 325,000 then Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City (302,000), Coast (281,000), Rebuilding the Past (276,000), Prohibition (274,000) and Battle Castle (270,000).

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  1. David, do you think fast-tracking US powerhouses onto Ten is going to help their ratings (e.g. rise above ABC and start to beat them by a greater margin)? Or will viewers just won’t come back to something that had left upon them very bad memories? Or is it really too early to tell? Predictions?

  2. I Hope GO! will show new episodes of The Middle because it had started in the US and I wish Mike and Molly was on at a good time on GO! not at 10:00pm on NINE and GO! should also show The Nanny at 6:00pm again !!

  3. Hi David, sorry to ask you a question that may seem too obvious or possibly a little bit out of your depth but when you say that Nine is likely to win demos, do you mean all key demos?

    Also, is it likely they’ll win by a large margin? And last, would it be a fair statement to suggest Seven have gone in the opposite direction in contrast to last year? Because to go from winning every week of the ratings and all the demographics in 2011 to only winning total numbers isn’t a good look.

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