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Ratings: Sunday was a close tussle between Seven and Nine and there were moments of sunshine for almost everyone.

Sunday evening proved to be a close tussle between Seven and Nine with just 1.1% between the two rivals and good results for some key shows such as Sunday Night, Seven News, 60 Minutes and House Husbands.

TEN had mixed fortunes with solid numbers for Modern Family and ONE leading the multichannels, but a switch-off with The New Normal. ABC1’s telemovie The Mystery of a Hansom Cab was just behind the numbers for Jack Irish the preceding week and managed a respectable second place in Preliminary figures.

Seven Network won the fight with a 29.3% share then Nine 28.2%, TEN 19.6%, ABC 18.8% and SBS 4.1%.

Sunday Night was 1.36m for Seven then Seven News (1.18m), Air Ways (1.04m), Border Security (945,000), Bones (794,000) and Killing Time (388,000 / 268,000). Brisbane’s News ran 20 minutes longer which will trigger some slight readjustments for all of Seven’s preliminary numbers (and push a number of shows onto the Late List).

60 Minutes (1.15m) was best for Nine then House Husbands (1.04m), Nine News (990,000), Big Brother (925,000), The Mentalist (652,000) and Person of Interest (294,000).

Modern Family did great business for TEN with 1.03m and wins in the demos, but half the audience switched off The New Normal (536,000). 2012 MotoGP was 681,000, TEN News was 621,000, Homeland was 618,000, Merlin was 538,000, The Project was 363,000 and Vegas was 268,000.

David Attenborough: Kingdom of Plants (877,000) led for ABC1 then ABC News (860,000), The Making of The Kingdom of Plants (839,000), The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (826,000), and Compass (307,000).

Battle Castle (213,000) was best for SBS ONE followed by World News Australia (172,000) and The Hunt for AI (124,000). But the Asia Pacific Song Festival bombed on just 57,000 with the biggest audience in Perth and the lowest in Adelaide.

ONE’s coverage of FIA Formula One Championship did very well with 363,000.

Sunday 28 October 2012

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  1. Perhaps the question is why did a cable show like Homeland whose rated 1M in US (3M including +7s) do so well in the first season?

    Ten did well pairing it with New Girl and starting them before the other networks had finished with sport and put their Sunday night lineups in place. The plot then was gripping enough to hold viewers right through till the end.

    2nd seasons are harder, it has a very poor lead in, and it is up against some good local dramas this season.

    The S1 final only rated 938k. This year the timeshifted numbers for Homeland are up bit for both DVRs and catchup, and its lost less than 200k total viewers, which is not too bad considering.

  2. Re Homeland: I have only seen the three eps that have been on Ten and I have studiously avoided spoilers but it was apparent at the end of the second ep (when Saul viewed Brody’s intended epitaph) that things are going be turned upside-down and very soon.

    My money is on Brody being offered the opportunity to work as a double-agent, with all the possibilities for mutual mistrust between him and both sides to play out. I think that would necessitate that there is prob another turned agent/mole, working in a privileged position for the CIA who will cause Brody to be put in imminent danger at some point. It would be good if that was Estes.

  3. I said last week “New Normal” was in the wrong timeslot and also is killing “Homeland”lead in. The show is rushed and is thrown together and suffers from Ryan Murphy churning it out alongside his seventeen other projects,but I am told by US friends it settles and gets better, but 9 30pm Monday timeslot would be better for it.

    I agree those complaining “Homeland”is more of the same and too far fetched better buckle up and prepare for the next 2 weeks.

  4. I enjoy Modern family and found new normal to be a major stereotype with little positives in he first couple of minutes.
    While it may be ‘great’ to have gay characters ‘normalized’ this show does little to help? Positive role models like Kevin and Scotty in Brothers and Sisters was more realistic, and I have heard Glee do well. Comedy like Modern family work because there is a balance, both positive and stereotypes and a balance of other characters!

  5. I think Channel 7 News Brisbane made the wrong call re. running a direct news feed from CNN for the Hawaii Tsunami. They almost seemed disappointed when the wave wasn’t as big as predicted.

  6. @mason… If they killed Brody off last year then Homeland could have become like Dexter or Sons of Anarchy with a “Big Bad” each season which I dont think anyone would have thought was a good idea (although its nice to see that now Dexter has an end date, the show is finally moving forward storyline wise).

    And yes, to agree with David, the way this season is moving so quickly storyline wise, it was definitely wise to keep Brody alive. That and the fact he is the Emmy winning Male Lead in ShowTime’s first winner of the Best Drama Emmy.

    Also Homelands ratings this year have been well above season 1 in the US so something tells me the “fan backlash” is more blog beat up rather than something of substace

  7. The new normal is just terrible and not at all suited to time slot been given – not surprised at huge turn off – and surely it hurts homeland. I watched 1st episode of Ben and Kate and not nearly as bad as this but it wasn’t given a chance

  8. The problem with Homeland is that it should have run for 1 season only. It was a great ride. The problem for me was I felt a bit ripped off about the end last year – he should have been caught or died.
    This year the improbable is inbelievable with the texting from inside the pentagon etc. and now a third series means he gets away with it again for another year.
    Last night was my last episode. That said it’s very popular in my household.

    Modern Family was a ripper and The New Normal deserves worse figures that it gets.

  9. Thanks David! And one other question.

    Did MotoGP at 10.30pm on TEN actually beat all of there other earlier shows on TEN, except Modern Family? and also beat The Mentalist, Person of Interest and Killing Time? If so that is really good for MotoGP and TEN!

  10. Homeland deserves to be so much higher. Why is it getting lower ratings compared to the start of the year. Is it the “fast tracking” thats not really fast tracking? or the terrible lead in? or the lower amount of people tuning into ten? Or is it the competition? Compared to the beginning of the year, it offered an alternative to reality competitions such as The Voice and MKR but now it has Australian dramas other channels.
    Come on Australia watch Homeland not House Husbands.

    Congratulations for Modern Family – back in the numbers they were getting at the beginning of the year.

  11. great to see modern family do well for ten. ten’s fast-tracking might just work for selected shows. ten’s best import, NCIS in terms of ratings, will be an important indicator. look to NCIS’s ratings on tuesday for signs of ten’s short-term future in terms of fast-tracking success and so on. however, the disparity between modrn family and other shows yesterday shows that viewers will only tune into specific shows and there will be no flow-on effect.

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