TEN still trails ABC

Ratings: It really should have been the week that TEN turned around its fortunes, yet the ABC kept in front. But Seven again won Total People.

It really should have been the week that TEN turned around its fortunes, but it again trailed the ABC in weekly ratings.

The ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Monday (its best result all year), Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

TEN’s schedule premiered 5 new shows last week, as part of a wider fast-tracking strategy to lift its figures. On preliminary figures they all disappointed, but tomorrow we will see how they improved in Timeshifted data and on Tuesday the network presents its 2013 Upfronts to media agencies.

The week was another win for Seven with Nine still strong in the Demos. Seven won every night except Thursday which was won by Nine. Nine won 16-39, Seven won 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won every city in Total People except in Melbourne where its early evening schedule is losing badly to Nine. It’s now a network anomaly, with some numbers the worst in over five years.

And get ready to re-think the ratings landscape one again. Both Friday and Saturday nights, audience numbers could not pass the magic million.

Seven: 30.6
Nine: 26.7
ABC: 19.8
TEN: 17.3
SBS: 5.6

Primary Channel:
Seven: 22.4
Nine: 19.2
ABC1: 15.1
TEN: 11.2
SBS ONE: 4.6

7TWO: 4.5
GO!: 4.4
7mate: 3.7
Gem: 3.2
ONE: 2.9
ABC2: 2.7
ABC3: 1.1
SBS TWO: 1.0
ABC News 24: 0.9

The X Factor Results show topped the week with 1.67m, higher than the Performance show with 1.49m. Next for Seven were Sunday Night (1.36m), Anh Does Vietnam (1.32m), Seven News (Sun: 1.2m, weeknights: 1.04m), Surveillance Oz (1.12m), Winners and Losers (1.1m) and Highway Patrol (1.05m).

Only three shows topped the one million for Nine: 60 Minutes (1.37m), The Big Bang Theory (1.01m) and House Husbands (1.01m), next were Nine News (weeknights: 995,000, Sun: 937,000), Big Brother (Live noms: 987), ACA (934,000) and The Mentalist (800,000).

Four Corners (1.03m) was ABC’s top show for the week, followed by Gruen Planet (1.02m), ABC News (weeknights: 1.02m, Sat: 876,000), New Tricks (990,000), Australian Story (984,000), Jack Irish (953,000), Media Watch (940,000) and The Hamster Wheel (855,000).

A new Modern Family episode (850,000) was TEN’s strongest performer then NCIS (789,000), Homeland (634,000), TEN News (619,000), Law and Order: SVU (576,000), NCIS: LA (574,000), Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals (564,000 / 480,000) and Merlin (558,000).

On SBS ONE it was Coast (307,000), Battle Castle (297,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (293,000), She Wolves: England’s Early Queens (278,000) and Destination Flavour (256,000).

There are 6 more ratings weeks remaining in the 2012 survey year.

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  1. @ronnie
    Movies and cable dramas have already lost most of their value to commercial FTA due to STV, DVDs and the internet.

    It seems that US Network dramas are going the same way. However, the major reason is timeshifting which are often 10-25% of their audience, and up to 300k or even 400k at times. The internet is just starting to have effects.

    So far quality shows like Revenge and Downton Abbey which have been delayed have done much better than shows that have been fast tracked so far. This is because they can get a large audience in Winter and be scheduled favourably.

    Shows shown straight from the US are all competing against each other in few slots, being shown to a smaller Summer audience, being knocked about by The X Factor and are dogged by both gaps for US production delays and Australian holidays and special events like the Brownlows.

    Channel 7 has gambled on that continuing. We shall see if they are a correct next year.

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