The Unbelievable Truth on the Late List

Seven has again topped the entries by readers in the Late List survey for last week.

Seven has again topped the entries by readers in the Late List survey for last week, October 7 – 13.

There were 32 entries.

Seven: 21
Nine: 8
ABC: 1
TEN: 1
Other: 1
SBS: 0

Amongst the entries were:

The Unbelievable Truth. Advertised time: 9:30pm / Actual time: 9:41pm
The Mentalist. Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual time: 8:39pm
GCB: Advertised time: 9:15pm / Actual time: 9:18pm

Several readers also noted that Smash was advertised as 9:45pm but started early at 9:42pm.

You can register shows on the Late List here.

NB: The Late List is a crowd-sourcing trial and is not scientifically conducted. It relies on the trust of readers to resource information.

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  1. my foxtel can only go 20 mins over time for recordings unless I deliberately record the show after the one I want- so with Ch 9 I was still missing endings on shows- thus…. I gave up on 9 altogether!!!!

  2. P.S. In case I have to spell it out. The double episodes would of been less of a problem for the Four Corners clash if they had started and ended on time i.e. at 11.30pm. Although there were other problems. But it made it a much easier decision to quit.

  3. I’ll also admit the reason I quit watching Smash was it started ridiculously late. Plus they had double episodes. So not only did it clash with Lateline which is bad enough but it also clashed with the Four Corners repeat. I’ve only watched one show when it clashed with Four Corners on Tuesday. Not even Chuck was seen by me at the time.

  4. I agree with JB & Jesicka309- I think many people don’t bother watching most of Ch9’s crap- so they aren’t tuned in to see it start most shows late. it is 1 of the reasons I stopped watching most shows on 9- they always ran so late you missed the ending, and I cannot stand Eddie Everywhere.

    I do agree that Ch7 has got worse in recent years- But I only know this because I actually watch their shows!!!! 😉

  5. Let’s be fair now – More people watch Channel Seven. Would anyone bother/notice if Channel Nine ran TBBT ten minutes over? No. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen though. Seven are copping a bad rap because viewers actually care if their shows are on time or not.

  6. @ JB

    That might be true. But as I admitted I didn’t watch the main commercial channels mostly and if something is within 5 minutes I don’t mind. The bad culprits are the main commercial channels then I’m pretty happy this week. So why would you dob someone in for being good? I’ll admit I’m not an average viewer however. I’ll also admit I really don’t get why they want to encourage people not to watch the main channels live. I wonder if there was any more like me on the site.

  7. Notice how less data is being submitted each week. Not because there’s less programs starting late but because people realise nothing will change. I submitted a lot the first week. Then i stopped watching those shows on tv so i wouldn’t know if they start late.

    1. The Late List allows readers to choose between a number of options: Print, Promos, EPGs and Online for advertised times. Looking at much of the data that has come in for three weeks there are clear inconsistencies between the data networks send out via different platforms, hence the confusion. I can confirm last week I saw Unbelievable Truth start at 9:41pm where upon I immediately checked the Guide on Seven’s own site which indicated 9:30pm.

      Vinny: thanks 8:39pm corrected.

  8. I’m curious what was the ABC show and probably always will be since they’re largely reliable. So when they deviate then it’s interesting to know. Same with SBS.

    By the way I was pleasantly surprised Person of Interest wasn’t ridiculously late on Sunday night. I hope that can continue. Other than the news it’s the only thing I’ll probably watch regularly on the main commercial channels these days i.e. 7,9 and 10. Which is less stressful.

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