X Factor tops Tuesday and NCIS lifts TEN

Ratings: New fast-tracked shows on Nine and TEN did good business, but not enough to stop Seven's X Factor topping Tuesday night.

Last night saw more fast-tracked shows, this time on Nine as well as TEN and both saw some promising results.

Nine’s new Big Bang Theory topped Nine’s night with 1.12m viewers and new NCIS was 805,000 for TEN, helping the latter to defeat ABC1 for the first time on a Tuesday in weeks.

But it was again Seven and The X Factor that proved unbeatable.

Seven Network was 33.1% then Nine 25.7%, TEN 18.3%, ABC 17.3% and SBS 5.5%.

The X Factor Results was #1 with 1.47m for Seven with cowboy Justin Standley sent home, in a  tight judge’s decision that saw some questionable intervention from Mel B. Next were Seven News (1.21m), Winners and Losers (1.05m), Home and Away (1.02m), Today Tonight (1.00m), Grey’s Anatomy (635,000), Deal or No Deal (520,000) and Smash (242,000).

Following Big Bang Theory for Nine it was Nine News (1.06m), Big Brother (1.02m) with Ava David evicted, ACA (976,000), Two Broke Girls (760,000), Hot Seat (548,000), Two and a Half Men (471,000) and Episodes (287,000 / 235,000).

NCIS was best for TEN with 805,000 back in its regular timeslot. TEN News was 682,000, NCIS: LA was 611,000, Modern Family was 525,000, The Project 6pm was 414,000 and I Will Survive was again last in its timeslot on 309,000.

ABC News pulled 1.03m for ABC1 then 7:30 (707,000), Qi (665,000), Rick Stein’s Spain (579,000), Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand (505,000), First Tuesday Book Club (282,000) and Time Team (253,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? was best for SBS ONE on 325,000, Insight was 243,000, World News Australia was 135,000 and Dateline was 115,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 270,000.

Tuesday 2 October 2012 

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  1. Great to see ncis rate above 800,000! See ten just listen to your viewers. Prob would rate even higher if you listen to our other views on IWS and move it to 11 next week. Even ncis l.a did well, 600,000 for a 9,40 show on ten is great these days.
    I think Ten needs to do a major promo for their coming shows rather than showing them individually, but with a funky song in the background:)

  2. so happy to see ncis doing better. their ratings will pick up once fans become aware that ten is fast-tracking ncis. people left after ten’s dumb decision to show new ncis episodes once every 5 weeks or so, 3 months later than US and on a sunday. one remembers the days, when ncis used to top the night and come in the week’s top 5.

  3. Missed Two Broke Girls due to work schedules last night.
    I think it’s the late time slot that is killing it for 2.5 men.I am assuming once Big Brother 2012 is done for the Summer at least they have the sense to put it on at 8pm.

  4. Maybe it just shows that people like their favourite shows in a regular timeslot, good to see NCIS doing well.
    I had to watch my time shifted Suits and my great doco on the Apache helicopter so I could not watch Two and a half or Big Bang Theory, or the X Factor, no great loss anyway, BBT and 2and a half are well past their use by date now.

  5. IWS is a turkey and needs to be axed already. How long will Ten allow this joke of a program to remain on the air?

    Fifth in its timeslot, beaten by SBS, with X Factor having almost 500% more viewers. No one wants to watch grown men in drag parade around and sing, this is not the mid 90’s.

  6. loved that intervention from Mel B. it was so Mel B you could see so much in her face. starting a sentence, everyone was thinking it, digging herself into a hole then mid sentence realising how mean it was, thought about it, then continued with it anyway.

  7. 2.5 Men new episodes used to air at 7.30pm and pull in 1m+ viewers. Now being at 9.30pm (well 9.40 last night) the ratings have halved.
    Are people tired of this show even in new episodes, is it Ashton Kutcher, or is it the late timeslot?

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