1. I agree JayElle. Nat is the one judge really “grinding my gears”. Her inability to read a simple teleprompter on Monday’s show and continually laughing through it was unprofessional.

  2. I love this thread today has turned into a ‘Thank you’ David. I must confess I read most daily summaries and try to check most mornings and evenings! It is a great go to site for all things TV related. So thanks again. I too appreciate all that you do!

  3. David. I love this site and I’m very impressed at the content and the time you put in to make it a reliable source for people interested in this stuff…like me. I have often wondered like others how you manage to make a living and do this. Thank you so much for posting everyday and keeping us up to date with what’s happening in Australian TV land.

  4. Watched some of X Factor last night while waiting for Winners & Losers. Does Nat Bass have to scream like a little girl every time one of her girls gets through and is Ronan Keating ‘shocked’ every week.

  5. @nicks
    Who Do You Think You Are? is a franchise for the BBC.

    SBS bought the rights to format to make the Australian version. Not sure if SBS or the BBC owns the overseas rights to it. They also have the Australian rights to screen the original BBC series.

    Channel 9 bought the US one because it is about Hollywood stars. It is produced by Lisa Kudrow. It is terrible with long repetitive recaps after every break, little information and melodrama like most US cable documentaries do. They ended up screening it at midnight.

    The SA and Canadian ones are about people and places and history I have never heard of which means I struggle to maintain interest. I may have watched them on SBS, or it could have been BBC Knowledge.

  6. As someone who doesn’t watch many of the big rating shows, I certainly appreciate hearing how shows performed outside the top 20, but happy for that information to be posted later in the day if need be.

    David, I understand you wish to keep this a “free” site, but if the cost of maintaining the site and your standards becomes more than your revenue, can I suggest an annual donation, for those that are willing and able to pay? I for one would be happy to pay for your continued work and i’m sure others would too.

  7. David- I really enjoy the detailed rating reviews too. Thinking of all the time you put into this site, it makes me curious how do have time to make a crust? Especially with no pay wall ?!

  8. @David, I still find it hard to believe you don’t have an army of little mini-mes squirrelled away in your office, itty bitty fingers flying over the keyboards … 🙂

  9. Fiance is a nurse and it’s definiately a tough job – FYI I don’t think anyone would care if the report didn’t come through until late afternoon, I know I wouldn’t/

  10. David, totally understandable that doing a daily write up is a bit of a chore but just want to let you know that I and I am sure many others really appreciate and love to read your daily summaries.

    You do a top job.

    • Thanks…. you can’t imagine how many times I have had to schedule life around morning ratings. Set visits, interviews, radio spots, flights -all have to wait because of those darned morning numbers and the time required to wade through them all. They wait for no-one! I shouldn’t complain, it comes with the territory. Teachers and nurses do it much tougher!

  11. Who Do You Think You Are is turning into a nice franchise for Sbs.About a dozen countries,including Canada and the US run a version.Would Sbs have rights to those shows I wonder?

  12. I love the way all the hoo-hah erupted earlier this year with the survey people threatening legal action over anyone daring to publish a listing beyond the Top 20 Shows of the day.

    Yet, nearly every day, you manage to give us toal numbers of usually 30 programmes!

    Keep up the good work, sir !

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