Axed: Breakfast, TEN Morning News.

TEN Morning News and Breakfast to end on November 30.

Breaking News: TEN has axed both Breakfast and TEN Morning News, to end on November 30th.

A Network TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “TEN Morning News and Breakfast staff were told this morning that it is planned to stop production of both programs on November 30.

“The Breakfast program has not resonated with viewers. But breakfast television still represents an opportunity for TEN and we will return to the breakfast TV market at some point next year.”

The news follows dire ratings, at best averaging 50,000, and a commitment that the network was in “for the long haul.” It also belies confirmation at TEN’s 2013 programming launch last month that the show would return.

Since Breakfast launched in February much has been made of Paul Henry’s million dollar contract contrasting with the low numbers, while the network continues to cut costs elsewhere.

Last week TEN News staff were given their marching orders after the network reportedly failed to receive enough voluntary redundancies. The most profile of these so far has been Melbourne news presenter Helen Kapalos.

Breakfast had also lost Andrew Rochford earlier in the year and seen the resignation of its producer Majella Wiemers.

The news first broke on Twitter via Peter Ford, but was also tipped by an insider “francismckonkey” here on Saturday.

Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson are confirmed to leave TEN but Magdalena Roze will remain.

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  1. What part of “Everyone hates Paul Henry” does Ten not understand? The other hosts all did a great job and despite the odd stupid segment (hello, Pricasso??? Seriously – a man who paints with his penis???) there was a lot of effort put into creating a viable alternative to the dreary condescension seen on 9 and 7. I truly hope Ten does come back next year with a new formula that omits right wing preachers who do nothing but alienate Ten’s traditional audience.

  2. Lachlan Murdoch is to blame for TEN’s problems. He made similar moves when he got a controlling share of DMG, slashing and burning only to return to a higher cost structure when the earlier moves failed to pay off.

  3. Baby and bathwater…

    All they needed to do was replace Paul Henry. The presentation by Kath and Magdalena is just fine. Both seem to be thoughtful people interested in an in-depth presentation of the news and weather. In fact 10’s weather on Breakfast is far and away superior to the offerings on other breakfast programs, including the ABC’s.

    Henry is just a loony goose who finds himself and his conservative posturings funny. (unlike the rest of us)

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