Bumped: Grimm, Update: Once Upon a Time

Update: Seven fairytale drama Grimm moves nights and Once Upon a Time doubles up.

Grimm has its Free to Air premiere tonight following The X Factor, but it’s actually a launch strategy (and a clever one) by Seven before moving the show,

It heads to a permanent timeslot of 8:30pm Wednesdays from next week, with a double episode.

Meanwhile Once Upon a Time resumes 7:30pm on Thursday but next week plays twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Update: On Mon Dec 3 OAUT is scheduled for 7:30pm…. stay alert or miss out.

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  1. @Jennome – Absolutely! *applauds* We don’t have and will never have Foxtel, and I don’t buy DVDs because once I’ve seen a show I really don’t need to see it again. I use the “catch-up” sites if I miss an episode of anything.

    Been looking forward to Grimm, am recording it (especially as I hate double episodes) for something to watch over summer. My husband is on disability and I’m his full time carer – we are home a lot of the time, so TV is about our only form of entertainment (apart from the internet of course 😉 ).

  2. “I watched the mid season (2) final in HD on Fox8 the other day, it’s on DVD. Why would I watch this on FTA in SD over a year behind the US?”

    I’ve got news for you Craig – not all of us are so obsessed with TV that we’re hanging out for every program 10 minutes after it airs elsewhere, or rush off to buy a set of expensive DVDs. And, gasp, not all of us have Foxtel.

    So, Grimm is new to me, and I’m quite happy to watch it via 7. I couldn’t give a toss where it’s been on elsewhere. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

  3. Channel 7 picked up Strike Back, Smash, Killing Time and Grimm to fill holes and to hopefully delay screening Bones and Castle till 2013. None of them has worked so far and Grimm is being used to give Criminal Mind repeats a break on 7 over summer while they are showing on 72.

    I’m not a fan of Grimm. The mythology consists of inventing a silly monster every week and giving it a silly German compound name. The is a myth arc but it moves very slowly and it is basically just a supernatural cop show with monster of the week episodes.

    I would rather watch the X Files again or Haven than Grimm.

  4. @ Ph – I don’t think the non-ratings period will feel too short once the full 70 days are up, happy for some networks to provide some watchable shows and prove me wrong however 🙂

    @ Craig – fair enough if you have Foxtel, but not everyone can justify the cost.

  5. Check List, Grimm has been on Fox8 over a year, it is being fast tracked just a day or so after the US and is shown in HD. Ch7 waits over a year then moves this after its first ep, and put it on as double eps, and only in SD.

    I watched the mid season (2) final in HD on Fox8 the other day, it’s on DVD. Why would I watch this on FTA in SD over a year behind the US?

    OUaT is meant to be lighter but it also has it’s dark moments, S2 has been great so far.

  6. I guess with the non rating period being so short and tennis on the way they need to have them finished quickly. Guess they run for about 22 episodes. Will give Grimm a go.

  7. I like Grimm but don’t see it being a huge hit for Seven. Here’s hoping they at least play a few episodes before they bump it for Criminal Minds repeats

    Never got into OUAT, found it too kiddy, happy for the fans of the show that’s its back though

  8. Thank Goodness Grimm has been on Foxtel ,I can imagine how 7 will butcher it, for those who have not seen it, fantastic show, now half way through 2nd season on Foxtel, and gets better and better each week, stay with it, it is well worth it.

    If they ever have The Walking Dead on free to air, well you are in for a treat, though maybe too gory, violent to show on free to air

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