Foxtel commissions The Real Housewives of Australia

Move over WAG Nation, The Shire, Brynne and Lara Bingle. Foxtel has announced a Real Housewives of Australia, based on the US Real Housewives docu-drama format.

10 x one hour episodes will be produced by Matchbox Pictures featuring “A revealing insight into the real world of Australia’s Real Housewives. The show will take viewers on a wild ride into the extravagant lives of five of Australia’s most privileged, powerful and glamorous women. The series will introduce us to an elite group of women and reveal intimate and often outrageous details about their relationships, career triumphs, pitfalls and family drama.”

Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said “The Real Housewives franchise has enthralled, bemused and dazzled millions internationally and we are thrilled to be commissioning a local version to air on Arena in 2013.

The Real Housewives of Australia will tap into the qualities and idiosyncrasies that are uniquely Australian whilst embracing all the drama, antics and extravagance we have come to love when observing these pampered wives of the uber riche.

“This latest local commission further solidifies Foxtel’s continued dedication to delivering must see, big entertainment and compelling storytelling to Australian audiences and is just one of the many announcments we plan to make in the coming months.”

Chris Oliver-Taylor, Managing Director Matchbox Pictures added, “Matchbox Pictures is delighted to be working with Foxtel to deliver an Australian version of one of the biggest and most talked about TV franchises in the world.

The Real Housewives of Australia is sure to be compelling viewing and we are looking forward to unearthing the very best local examples of this next set of housewives, bringing to the Foxtel audience all of the drama, glamour and wholly entertaining storytelling, that the worldwide series has brought to international audiences.”

Matchbox Pictures commences casting across the country in the coming weeks.

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  1. The Real Housewives of Australia (ie Sydney). Why not stay true to the franchise and call it that as I’m sure these women won’t be from all around Australia..

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