Gone: The New Normal

US comedy The New Normal has been pulled from TEN's schedule, to be replaced by a repeat of Modern Family.

US comedy The New Normal has been pulled from TEN’s schedule, to be replaced by a repeat of Modern Family.

The comedy about a gay couple and their surrogate was held over yesterday which saw numbers shoot up from  536,000 last week to 1.05m for a new Modern Family yesterday.

With such a dramatic turnaround TEN has decided to pull the Ryan Murphy comedy.

This comes despite TEN Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey advocating for a consistent schedule for advertisers and audiences, but also acknowledging if a show did not resonate they would have to act.

New Normal is now out of schedule, but with summer just a month away it still has a shot at returning.

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  1. Ten should have given all these new sitcoms a fair chance.Not give them the Chop after only a few episodes just because the opposition offerings are getting higher figures(219,000 up against 1.48 million viewers Ben and Kate against the X factor is not an excuse to send a show to the scrapheap to use one of many examples).The only one of them that has survived is New Girl.I haven’t seen any yet but will get started on a Singapore Airlines plane next month.

  2. Dumping this fun show after just 3 episodes is really disappointing. 500+K viewers for a show still finding its feet isn’t too shabby. Lara Bingle’s show rated much more poorly but got a much better go than TNN which makes no sense to me. Ten should have tried a different time slot or put it over to Eleven straight away.

  3. I should have been more specific about the “second season”of “New Normal”, from what I have read,the network commissioned a full second set of episodes to make the series a complete full season after I think the initial 13 eps.

  4. Every new show “fast-tracked” by 10 and 7 have put on has rated badly, and then been bumped or dumped. Channel 9 got burnt trying new shows last year so this year they have only put on established shows, and repeats of established shows and Embarrassing Bodies.

    Then again its not like it was a good year for Fall shows in the US. And we haven’t got to see Arrow, Last Resort, Nashville or Elementary which are supposed to be watchable.

  5. By the way , what is happening with Vegas ?

    It seems like Ten is messing with nearly every show it is fastracking that is a new type show. I thought it was Nine that was supposed to chop and change scheduling (like last year).

  6. Would be good if they had it on Eleven and they could put all these shows together and perhaps call it Family Friday ?

    All New Raising Hope
    All New Ben and Kate
    All New New Normal
    and repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond ?

    I guess they will only put it on Eleven if it doesn’t get more than 1 season .

  7. I liked this one, so I hope it comes back on ten in the summer, and not on eleven, as i don’t tend to follow shows there. They either end up clashing with other shows or i forget them. I watched Raising Hope on ten, when it first started, but I havn’t seen an ep on 11.

  8. They really need to give these shows a chance to build an audience. The New Normal wasn’t a bad show. People forget that Seinfeld didn’t find its audience until the second season. Too many shows with potential aren’t given time to grow these days.

  9. Any show that makes great jokes about “Grey Gardens”: and other in theatrical associations isnt made for Sunday at 8pm on mainstream. But I hope Ten has a bigger belief in it to shaft it to Eleven, which is where all good shows tend to go to die.”New Normal”has already been given a second season and friends in America say it settles well after Ep Six.. I blame the inconsistancies and hysteria of the early episodes on Ryan Murphy who just takes too much on, he probably wrote these episodes before breakfast, wrote two episodes of “Glee” before lunch and then an episode of “American Horror Story”after lunch. Prolific doesnt mean good.

  10. I so wanted to like this show more than I have. Love Glee and Modern Family, but this one tried too hard and despite Ellen Barkin being hilariously barking mad, the rest of it was too contrived and had far, far too many messages layered on top of the other to make it a genuine tale. Maybe with another season it might find its own pace, but at the moment, what I hoped would be destination viewing is one I have not made any effort with since ep 4.

  11. couldn’t get into this or Ben and Kate, but I’m sure they both will return during summer as its right around the corner. same goes for Whitney.

    I think if they wanted to move it to 11 they would have by now. I think they prefer to have normal type of family shows like Modern Family, Last Man Standing no New Normal on 10 and more ‘different’ types of family shows on 11. and if you have seen Raising Hope, it’s anything but normal and very different than the other 10 family shows.

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