Housos movie now showing

Paul Fenech's Housos movie is now screening in 150 cinemas across Australia.

The Housos movie Housos vs Authority is now screening in 150 cinemas across Australia.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the SBS series has been turned into a feature film by its prolific creator and star Paul Fenech.

The synopsis for the film says: “In Housos Vs Authority, Franky, Shazza, Dazza and their mates take on every authority possible. Their quest?…to sprinkle Shazza’s mum’s ashes on top of Australia’s most famous icon.”

You can check out the trailer here: (This trailer contains audio and video, not bongs and dirty mattresses)

There’s even a “Thong-A-Cop” online game as part of the promotions.

Together with Kath & KimderellaHousos becomes the second local TV comedy to leap to the big screen this year. Just don’t tell Centrelink.

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  1. It should be interesting to see who watches.It’s a bit in a way like what the British had with their shameless but a lot funnier.All in good humour I say given I lived most of my life in Northern Adelaide and only finally got out of there Mid 2005.

  2. I went to the premier of Housos at Campbelltown last week and the whole cast were there. They were having their photos taken with everybody and also warmed up the audience before the movie. I met Shazza and had my photo taken with her…I had never seen the tv show but have to say I have never laughed so much in my life…..this movie is a great laugh!! Well worth the watch!!!

  3. As a big fan of the Housos tv show I rushed to see the movie yesterday. It definitely has some laughs in it but I will admit I was a bit disappointed. I still hope the movie does a roaring trade because Paul Fenech is a rare talent. I can’t wait for season 2. I guess it’s better as a 30 min show each week.

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