NZ bracing for the return of Paul Henry

Some in the New Zealand media aren't that keen to see Paul Henry appointed to a possible current affairs role.

New Zealand is bracing for the return of Paul Henry.

Henry is said to have his eye on a presenting role on NZ current affairs show, Close Up, which returns next year in a 7pm timeslot.

But the NZ Herald writes, “Reappointing him after his racial comments on TVNZ Breakfast and the train crash ratings of the Australian Ten show will bring indignation from viewers who dislike Henry.

“It will probably be matched by people who see him as a politically incorrect hero.

“Much of Henry’s humour aims to shock or put down people who are different.

“On TVNZ Breakfast he was sometimes plain mean.

“Now TVNZ is drawn to the purported dream team of Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell. TVNZ should be careful that the publicity and hype about Henry does not blind them to the commercial risks.”

Maybe they would be happier with reruns of The Hamster Wheel?

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  1. @advoc8, I think Jonasboi was referring to the uproar Henry created in NZ when he ridiculed the surname of an Indian government minister, Mrs Sheila Diksh*t. She had a senior role with the Commonwealth games back in 2010.

  2. @ jonasboi…..You have left me hanging, the only her I can see in David Knox’s story is Pippa Wetzell, are you saying there is already some racial history between him and Pippa?

  3. He wasn’t being racist, he was pronouncing her name correctly. Since breakfast began I have said that Paul should be hosting his own program. If he lands the job in NZ I think he will be successful.

  4. Perhaps any popularity of the obnoxious P Henry says more about those he is popular with?

    There is no denying he does indeed have a quick wit and a broad range of knowledge on varied toptcs, unfortunately also very biased, with little selfcontrol, of what and how he says it.

    But to me his biggest turn off, is rhe instantanious insensitive venom that comes out with that quick wit, indicating to me this insensitive venom is regretfully a latent characteristic, and not a skill used and adapted to suit his role at hand, in other words a “dangerous lose cannon”..

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