Ricky Martin joins The Voice

Rumours prove true as Latin pop star Ricky Martin joins The Voice.

Latin pop star Ricky Martin has been named as the new coach on The Voice, replacing Keith Urban who quit to join American Idol.

He joins confirmed returning coaches Seal, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem.

Nine’s Director of Television, Michael Healy said: “Ricky Martin is one of the world’s biggest stars. He brings huge experience to our panel of coaches which he’ll pass on to our Australian Voice artists in 2013. Most of all, we think he’s the perfect addition to Delta, Joel and Seal and all three of them are thrilled he’s joining them in the Big Red Chairs next year.”

Martin’s name had been the front-runner on the industry rumour mill for some time, along with other speculation over
Chris Isaak, kd lang and Kylie Minogue.

There were many who had expected the announcement to be unwrapped at Nine’s 2013 Upfronts but final touches were delayed by the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ricky Martin tweeted at the news, “Sending some mad love to everyone in #Australia! Can’t wait to go back! Peace!”

The Voice is tipped to return in April 2013.

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  1. i also wonder why we need to bring overseas ‘talent’ in for these
    shows, it certainly backfired with ‘Everybody Dance Now’.
    Personally i don’t think Ricky is that good a singer either, more of an overall entertainer, but this show is supposed to be focusing on
    Aussies who would be a good choice would be Vanessa Amorosi, Darren Hayes, Missy Higgins, & maybe if they wanted to appeal to the older demographic, Karen Knowles, Debbie Byrne, Tina Arena,
    Olivia Newton John, whether any of those people would want or not is another matter.

  2. Ricky Martin will be amazing, a great addition to the line up. By the way, we know he’s gay and we don’t care, he’s still damn hot! Seriously, only having one Aussie judge (sorry ‘coach’) out of four, is a problem for an Australian show. Do we have that much of a cultural cringe against our own? I suspect the o/s stars being offered way, way more $$ than the local ones, I’ve seen this happen on other talent shows.
    As the coaches are now locked in, a quick fix for Nine would be to put in a local host. Darren is not on screen much but the massive amount of v/o drives me nuts with that accent.

  3. I like him and hope he will be a good mentor and judge. I think he has been performing since he was a very young boy so he does have a lot of experience. I too would have preferred an Australian judge to balance the panel but who knows whether or not local performers were asked and refused.

  4. love it! hes hot. cant wait to see him on tv 🙂 i reckon hes great, if only seal could get the boot then the lineup would be almost perfect (joel madden doesnt do much for me but hes not bad either…)

  5. Having time to do the show may be an issue when looking for an Aussie….the ones they want…may be pre committed to work….or simply do not want the gig….
    And international personalities make it easier to sell the show to overseas cable networks….
    BTW….I like the lineup!

  6. I think he will be great but shouldn’t they have got another Australian Judge/Coach or alteast replaced Delta!. Isn’t it meant to have that Australian feel to the show I don’t know it doesn’t feel like that to me…

  7. I’ve always been a fan of Ricky Martin & having an openly gay judge & mentor on The Voice is fantastic. By having him on the panel hopefully some more out & proud talent will audition next year.
    The only negative is why couldn’t they have chosen someone more “current”, his last charting single in Australia was back in 2005 & I agree with J Bar – plenty of Aussie talent who would be great on the show (they would be cheaper too).

  8. So its called the voice Australia but somehow with all our musical talent we cant find another australian judge?

    Nothing against Ricky but its just a shame that 9 are obviously going for big big stars instead of home grown talent. The voice will probably rate even bigger 2nd time around so rating wouldnt be an issue

  9. I hope the judges don’t get on stage together and sing ‘She bangs’…lol it would be funny to see Seal do it though.

    Great to hear all the other judges are returning and I hope Ricky is a good addition to the cast but what tv producers don’t understand is that Australians want Australians on Australian shows.

    We don’t want people from overseas judging our shows…especially when the host isn’t even an Aussie!!

  10. So Delta will be the only Aussie coach? Will be interesting to see how Ricky goes. All the young girls will go crazy over him.

    Isn’t April Easter?

    Can the mis-spelling of returning please be fixed?

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