1. Ok..I might be beginning to see the picture.Mr. Iffland coming from his background in Uk television arrives at Sbs in april;soon after Letters and Numbers gets rested for the awful Uk import Countdown,in the process shedding about 90k viewers from what once was a 130k audience…as damaging a move as you could imagine for a network struggling for viewers.Now maybe the l&n decision predated Mr. Iffland’s arrival,and was only just announced months later,but if indeed Mr.Iffland had a hand in it;thought this mess of an import would work here,then I’ve got little faith in his ability to program successfully.What works in Leeds probably doesn’t work in Brisbane.Comedy is not the direction they should be headed in either..Sbs is bad at comedy(home produced at any rate).

  2. Plus they’ve just signed a deal with Foxtel and the FFA to show a game a week of the A League plus the Socceroos World Cup Qualifiers (on 1 hour delay). So more local soccer shows will no doubt be added to that list.

  3. I was hoping SBS would feature more music program content. Especially something along the lines of Alchemy, an electronic music program which aired in 1998-2001 on SBS. Surely SBS should focus a bit on music programming, seeing as Eurovision and Pop Asia do very well on SBS.

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