TEN tweaks Daytimes

TEN has made some minor adjustments to its upcoming Daytime schedule starting Monday December 3rd.

6:00 am CBS – This Morning
7:00 am Wurrawhy
7:30 am Entertainment Tonight
8:00 am The Insider
8:30 am The Bold and The Beautiful rpt
9:00 am Judge Judy
9:30 am Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield
10:00 am Good Chef Bad Chef
10:30 am A Taste Of Travel
11:00 am The Living Room rpt
12:00 pm Dr. Phil
1:00 pm The Doctors rpt
2:00 pm Ready Steady Cook rpt
3:00 pm Judge Judy
3:30 pm Huey’s Kitchen
4:00 pm Totally Wild
4:30 pm The Bold And The Beautiful
5:00 pm TEN News At Five


  1. It looks good on paper but for the love of god move Bold and the Beautiful back to 1pm and the rest of it can be shown in 30 minute blocks.A Family Friendly Hour leading into the News for the Kids after school not yet old enough to go out to work should be on between 4 and 5pm(Not all of us can have a Pay TV with Disney or Nickelodeon on it).

  2. I know I’ve asked this before David, but I really want to know if B&B will be unedited at 8.30am? The 4.30pm broadcast is edited down for timing, and also to meet a G classification.

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