Airdate: The Block: All-Stars

The Block: All Stars will begin on Monday February 4th.

2013-01-11_2000The Block: All Stars will begin on Nine at 7pm Monday February 4th.

This puts it at just one week before the start of official ratings (February 10), one week after My Kitchen Rules and two weeks after MasterChef: The Professionals.

In the scheme of things, I think it’s worked out rather well that each Reality show will have a week in which it is the new kid on “the block”  …so to speak.

Except if you can’t stand Reality.

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  1. Reality tv?? …..seriously once you have seen the show once i don’t get the appeal??

    Give me a show with actors and a good story otherwise i would rather read a book or poke myself in the eye with a fork!

  2. I was looking forward to The Block this time around, then Channel 9 had to go and ruin it by bringing probably the least watchable teams into it. I’ll check it out but it will be on my recording list anyway as i will be watching both MKR and Masterchef: Pro’s

  3. I don’t know why a station has to endlessly promote a show. Wasn’t planning on watching the block due to other options but definately not interested after the endless promoting during the cricket. Enough to turn a person completely off.

  4. With the current state of free to air TV in this country I don’t understand why anyone would wish badly on a show. I think we need to appreciate 3 commercial free to air networks while we have them.

  5. Wait and watch the Ego’s go at it. The two women Jenna & Danni will have fur flying! Josh & Jenna have been hanging out for more exposure,even if they don’t realise we are not interested in them. Could be interesting viewing.

  6. I haven’t properly watched a full season of The Block since season 2 of the original run. I watched on and off last year. I plan to pick it up this year.

    Last year was the first time I began to watch MC. I’ll skip the Professionals season and watch the normal season this year.

    I cannot stand MKR though with the constant inane and pointless narration by the contestants, the constant recaps of a scene you saw only a minute earlier and the fact it drags out what could be shown in 30 seconds over a 5 minute period plus a commercial break. MRK should take a page out of the editing book of US Amazing Race. They now how to create suspense, add contestant narration and show no more than a 5 second recap after a commercial with no ‘after the break’ crap and it makes it much better and adds real suspense.

  7. I too can’t wait for the Block, my whole family enjoys the highs and the lows of it.. the auction always keeps me on edge.. fantastic show. I might audition this year with my friend that is a enthusiastic interior decorator.

  8. “Except if you can’t stand Reality.” We will be watching recordings of other shows during the early evening. Had enough of manufactured “drama”, silly challenges and “Who will win?” We don’t care!

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