Returning: The Block

Charming Street's 1950s inspired season begins in early August on Nine.

Season 19 of The Block will premiere on Nine in early August, surely pitting it against The Voice on Seven, and likely against Hunted on 10.

There are 5 houses from the 1950s renovated in Charming Street, Hampton East, Melbourne.

The five teams competing are:

Personal assistant Eliza (37) and integration producer Liberty Paschke (34) – sisters from VIC
Firefighter Kyle (36) and teaching aide Leslie Cottone (34) – parents from WA
First aid officer Leah (32) and builder Ash Milton (38) – parents from QLD
Project manager Kristy (34) and safety officer Brett Beams (34) – married from SA
Architect Steph (27) and start-up worker Gian Ottavio (27) – married from NSW

Scott Cam, said, “This series is guaranteed to be a dead-set blockbuster. Our five new teams from across the country are all fired up to make their home states proud. But wait until you see their shock when they find out they’re building not one, but two new abodes, as we throw in a granny flat for good measure. And in a Block first, this year we give all teams their full building schedule ahead of time. Buckle up, Australia. The Block 2023 offers more twists, turns and curve-balls than ever before.”

Scott’s co-host Shelley Craft added, “This series’ houses may seem charming on the surface, but our contestants will be in for a shock as they uncover a host of pitfalls not evident upon first inspection. While there are plenty of laughs to be had, viewers can expect an equal number of tears.”

Judges Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker are joined by real estate expert, Marty Fox.

7pm Sunday August 6 on Nine.

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  1. I bet Scott Cam will say in the first episode
    the biggest Block ever like he always does
    I have to watch as my partner likes this show the things we have to do lol

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