Airdate: This Is Jinsy

1jinHeads up┬áDavid Tennant fans, he’s guest starring in a new series on ABC2.

This is Jinsy is written by and stars Chris Bran and Justin Chubb, and centres around the bizarre residents of a fictional island, based on the island of Guernsey.

Jennifer Saunders also plays The Voice of Miss Reason.

This is episode one, but the Pilot isn’t airing due to a switch from BBC to Sky Atlantic.

Starring David Tennant as Mr Slightlyman, it’s Wedding Lottery time on Jinsy, when all residents must put their faceballs into the wedding lottery machine.

The Great He (Jinsy Praise Him!) decides that Arbiter Maven (Justin Chubb) must enter the lottery this year, much to Maven’s horror, and it brings him face-to-face with Mr Slightlyman (David Tennant – Dr Who), the tight-faced presenter of the Wedding Lottery and Master of Balls.

Sporall (Chris Bran) is hoping he will be joined with Soosan Noop (Alice Lowe); Soosan is hoping she’ll be joined with Maven. Maven is hoping that something will stop the lottery from happening at all.

9:55pm Thursday, 3 January ABC2.


  1. It’s a great comedy if you like your humour on the twisted side – indeed League of Gentlemen-esque, but mixed with touches of post-Python comedy and the folk culture/locked community of The Wicker Man (and perhaps even a hint of Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner) – but very much its own thing, and very well done. Made in 2011 it also screened in Australia on UKTV in 2012.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    It’s like a lighter version of The League of Gentlemen, bizarre but without the horror elements. There’s a fictional website if you want to immerse yourself in their culture –

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