New cooking show now casting?

2013-02-13_1518Is another cooking show is on the way?

This one uses hopeless home cooks who are assisted by professionals in their kitchen in order to impress a partner.

The casting search from WTFN Entertainment (Bondi Vet, The Living Room, Bollywood Star) is seeking couples, one of whom must remain surprised.

One reader suggests it’s a segment for The Living Room.

Would you like to surprise your partner with a 3-course meal that would blow their mind!

We are currently looking for enthusiastic fun couples to appear on camera on a prime time network lifestyle programme who can’t cook well or at all. You can bring your bad cooking selves and we’ll bring the Chef!

If any of the below rings true for you we’d love to hear from you.

• Are you in a new relationship and want to cook for your partner to impress?
• Would you like to surprise your husband/wife with your newly learnt cooking skills?
• Are you a new parent who would like to remind your husband or wife that you still care by magically learning how to cook a 3 course meal.
• Do you sense that your partner feels like they have been taken for granted and it’s time to redeem yourself?

We would like to keep this as a surprise for your partner, so please keep the details confidential. The request would require a full day of your time.

For more info visit: sourcebottle


  1. Echoing everyone else, do we really need another cooking show on TV?

    It’s about time one of the commercial networks put some good scripted content on offer to offer up a good challenge.

  2. cynical old codger

    @David Knox

    Geez David, your picture scared the heck out of me, especially after my post of a couple of weeks ago, referring to my enforced budget choice of baked beans on toast and instant coffee.

    I immediately thought that I’d had intruders, till I saw the sesame seeds on top of your pic’s slices, and realized that it is possibly up market Helga’s style bread, that I can only afford after it has got to feel like toasted bread ( but without the need to toast it).

    What originally tossed me, was your bread is almost as blackened as mine, but in my case its usually the Dick Smith’s OzEmite I’ve spread and left to soften it.

    But this definitely seems like my style of cooking show only without a partner to impress, and no doubt you will keep us informed as screening dates become known

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