1. I just saw an ad for MKR where a contestant said a dish looked like dog poo. Reminded me when the spice girls said a dish looked like poo.
    Classy TV seven.

  2. If i was channel 10 programmer i would have put replays on eleven at 9pm. I only started watching mkr this year because i saw it repeated late at night.

  3. Good figure for Neighbours last night. Mc Pro is getting hammered badly!
    I bet the people casting the upcoming Mc series are looking for the biggest freaks to draw in attention like mkr has.

  4. Ten should not have scheduled Masterchef Professionals this time of the year and this early in it’s life cycle.

    That said we only have to remember – Breakfast, YTT, Lara Bingle, The Shire, Everybody Dance Now and many more to understand the level of incompetence of this Management Group.

    I wonder how long the Simpsons will last ?

  5. Perhaps MC has had its day and Channel 10 should retire the show after this year?
    Surely there can’t be more amateur chefs to be exposed to the nation?
    Like it or not, MKR’s concentration on personalities rather than culinary skill is busting the others in the ratings.
    Even I want to tune in, to see the latest nasty couple get their comeuppence

  6. Can’t help but think the Masterchef The Professionals isn’t TV’s equivalent to Test Match cricket in comparison with the hit and giggle T20 of ‘reality’ TV that is MKR.

    MTP is a decent show for cooking ‘purists’, but agree with others in wondering why a timeslot change isn’t an option. I think if I recall Eleven do a mini-marathon on Sat nights? The AFL will soon kill that off too.

  7. Carolemorrisey, it has nothing to do with the quality of the show.

    It is all about the quality if the network. TEN crapped on viewers last year repeatedly. We are now so cynical that whatever they do, it will fail.

    Offspring would be killing it on Seven. Most shows would.

    Frankly I’m glad to see then suffer after screwing around Motorsport fans last year.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    I’m pretty sure that Ten figured that MBR (My Bitchen Rules) was going to be a juggernaut again this year which is why they stuck MCP up against it instead of regular MC. They can’t just give the space up without a fight, they have to try something, and MCP picks up in the +7 (time-shifted) ratings.

    I think MC will still do decent numbers later in the year.

  9. MKR!! A half decent reality show ruined by the introduction of new teams?! Contrived conceited and trivial personalities. So dissappointed in the ideals and values of this station. Will only be watching the news and weather now if neccessary. Makes American sitcoms and reality shows look half decent.

  10. 10 should have easily pre empted what would happen because MKR was a ratings smash last year…. They should have stripped the contestants back and just aired it on Sunday nights as a two hour supershow. I would have tuned in….

  11. It was not long ago that you needed 1 million viewers to survive. In this fragmented market it will not be long before 1 million is regarded as a hit show. Maybe Ten should give Bold and the Beautiful Prime Time status.

  12. carolemorrissey

    I’m really getting sick on MKR winning the ratings time after time, when MasterChef is the better show. Even on Twitter, all the Tweets are for MKR. Lets hope the regular MasterChef does better later in the year when it’s not against MKR.

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