ABC1 mulling Sunday morning revamp

Speculation today about a revamp for Insiders,Offsiders and Inside Business.

2013-03-27_0104There may be changes ahead for ABC1’s Sunday morning programmes with speculation the broadcaster is considering a revamp for Insiders, Offsiders and Inside Business.

The Australian reports the shows, which currently screen for two hours, may be merged into a one hour live broadcast.

Alan Kohler, host of Inside Business, is said to be resisting change given he records his show on Friday and doesn’t want to present a live broadcast on Sunday mornings.

But ABC head of current affairs Bruce Belsham said no decision was imminent.

“We have been discussing the Sunday programs but those conversations have been going since before I was appointed to this role (one year ago),” he said. “Nothing is imminent.”

Insiders host Barrie Cassidy was unavailable for comment yesterday.

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  1. The Australian said this, did they? Well, as they tend to rely on scoops from the Liberals when they’re in power I doubt the veracity of the reporting.

    Insiders is the best political analysis show on, which incidentally says a lot for the communication-obsessed media-politician relationship that has developed. Barry Cassidy is the key to this. Andrew Bolt departing only reveals the conservatives lack of intellectual muscle; the show continues to correctly call out BS while simultaneously understanding communications is important for getting votes.

    I agree the political interviews are very skippable, but like on Q&A, it’s important to have the party representatives there to show you aren’t just whingeing into the void, but trying to actively hold politicians to account.

    Inside Business does struggle for cut-through, but all business journalism does. It relies on self-reporting via PR/ASX releases and any whistle-blowing or revision of predictions — if impactful — gets substantial cover by regular news programs.

    Offsiders does what no other sports program does, and like it or not, sport is key to Australian culture so a reduction to 1 hour for these programs is just not happening.

    …touch wood. 🙂

  2. @ muscledude_oz – can you please explain why Offsiders is widely considered to be the sports program for wimps? And how have you come to such a conclusion.
    I think Offsiders is the best sports program on television at the moment. The offerings on the commercial FTA networks is appalling, and while there are some good ones on Foxtel it is refreshing to listen to a panel of commentators who can string a sentence together and are not just there because they have been superstars in a particular sport

  3. This has to be an early April Fools Day joke. Insiders is an excellent problem and will be destroyed if shortened. If anything, it could be longer (indeed Q&A could also be longer). Please ABC do not ruin this wonderful programme

  4. @ Stan – I also meant to note the article was written by Nick Leys at the Oz who wrote the story yesterday about David Mott “resurrecting”his career at the ABC. Everyone knows he was never a candidate for the Dir. of TV. Does News have to fill a “bash the ABC” quota every week?

  5. I agree with some about Nikki Savva & Piers Akerman. I’m okay with having right-wingers on Insiders, but these two offer nothing to debates because they’re too busy paraphrasing Abbott’s one-liners. Don’t they have a mind of thier own? At least Bolt could occasionally go off script.

    As for the rumour about the format, I won’t say anything until I hear more detail. Anything The Australian has to say about ABC should be taken with a large grain of salt.

  6. Have to agree with all but one comment here…I watch all of these programs….Alan Kohler makes sense of business and the market for ordinary folk…leave my Sunday morning alone…in fact…I rarely move from ch.21 on Sundays…also love Songs of Praise…and Landline…plus docos…music …arts in the afternoon…good eclectic mix….one of the few parts of the week we can rely on with TV programming……
    I would like to shout…if it aint broke..don’t fix it also…but DK would get cranky at me being rude in his house…. 😀

  7. I’m with 2paw. It is my Sunday morning ritual to watch the Insiders with my toast and coffee but I skip Inside Business and come back for Offsiders, which has the best and broadest sports coverage – even women’s sports! If they get rid of the Talking Pictures segment I will be writing a stern letter to ABC management.

  8. Its amazing……. something that’s working they want too change why? this happens all of the time and when something is not working they don’t touch me think someone in the backroom wants to be noticed both programs offer the best opinions on their content

  9. This is must watch two hours of TV each week for me albeit recorded on occasion. If anything drop the interview. While the questions vary, the guest pollie just sticks to the party line. Grabs from Laurie Oakes’ interviews on Ch9’s Sunday invariably made headlines but Barry never seems to get a worthy grab. Love Alan Kohler and his guests while Offsiders is still my favourite all-round sports program. Probably a simple answer but would love to know how John Stanley does his 5.30-9am show on Sydney’s 2UE then sometimes appears on the Offsiders at 10am in Melbourne.

  10. “Nothing is imminent.”

    That sounds ominous.

    I, too, enjoy this on a Sunday morning and don’t feel that any change is needed for any of the three constituent programs.

    Bolt may no longer be bullying co-hosts on Insiders (a good thing) but they still have a street-fighter like Piers Akerman on the couch or other more moderate right-wingers. I think they pretty much get the balance right most of the time.

    And Offsiders is just about perfect. Now that Roy Masters’ doesn’t feel the need to bash AFL whenever he’s on, it’s a good solid round-up of major and not-so-major sport with a not-too-brief look at issues that have cropped up during the week.

  11. Are these programs still on the air? I haven’t watched them since The Bolt Report started. Offsiders is widely known as the sports program for wimps, Inside Business is stale once it gets to air and Insiders is largely seen as the voice of the pro-Gillard cheer squad in the Canberra Press Gallery.

    I’m not surprised the ABC is pinching ideas off Channel Ten and News Ltd and doing to its programs what was done to Meet the Press. Unfortunately – as is so often the case – Aunty has missed the bus again and the punters have gone elsewhere.

  12. ABC News/Caff has a leader and the division is working well. This Sunday morning lineup is perfect just the way it is – it does not need “revamping”. So Andrew Bolt left – people will always come and go – it’s good for the shows to mix up the voices. The TV division, drifting along without a Director of TV, is another matter. I recommend the ABC focus where they need to and leave Insiders and Inside Business right where they are.

  13. Leave it alone ABC.. each of those programmes are absolutely fine exactly how they are. Merging them into an hour will only dumb the content down.. how in depth can one go on a week’s worth of discussion in only a 20 min segment? Leave it alone if you know what’s good for you..!

  14. As much as I hate to say it – Insiders lost a bit of punch when Andrew Bolt left. Inside Business is just an excuse to get a coffee and crumpet and as others have said – Offsiders is a must watch.
    Change for change sake will ruin it all.

  15. No leave it alone. I love Offsiders. I would prefer Offsiders straight after Insiders cos i don’t watch Inside Business, but that’s probably not possible with Barry hosting both.
    I have my Sunday routine as well, so don’t ruin it ABC

  16. No, Just no. I am an avid watcher of Insiders,
    and then the other two shows just run on and I catch up on the bits I am interested in. It’s a Sunday tradition: cup of tea, newspapers, Insiders.

  17. Shortening time of these programs will diminish them. I always watch offsiders as it is the best review/discussion show on fta. I admit to only watching the insiders occasionally but is the only balanced option of its type.

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