ACMI: Queering the Small Screen forum

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image discusses everything gay from The New Normal to Outland.

2013-03-04_2204This month’s Live in the Studio program at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image  will feature its second edition of ‘Queering the Small Screen’ in partnership with the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

Whether it’s Modern Family, Glee, The New Normal, animated hit Archer or the ABC’s Outland –representations of queer characters are changing. Our panel will look at queer-focused television and GLBTI characters, examine what has happened over the last ten years and what could possibly happen in the next ten in the ever evolving face of queer television.

On the panel are John Richards (Outland), cultural reviewer Tim Hunter, comedian Catherine Deveny and Cherrie magazine’s Rachel Cook.

Saturday 23 March, 2013

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