Jackie Woodburne moonlights on sci-fi project

Neighbours' Jackie Woodburne will play a scientist travelling through space for 'audio comedy' series.

2014-03-13_0156Neighbours‘ very own Jackie Woodburne will play a scientist travelling through space for a new pet project, an audio comedy series.

Night Terrace is written by John Richards (Outland, Splendid Chaps) and Lee Zachariah (The Bazura Project).

Woodburne will play Anastasia Black, a scientist who used to save the world as part of a secret government organisation but now just wants a quiet life in retirement in the suburbs.

According to a press release, “She’s understandably miffed, therefore, when her house spontaneously starts travelling in space and time. She’ll travel from the ancient past to the distant future, from pre-historic Melbourne to the edges of human understanding. All the while trying to find a way home.”

“After a TV sitcom about gay science fiction fans, a massively popular podcast about Doctor Who and a hit play about Eurovision this seemed the obvious next step”, says co-writer John Richards.

The project is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to produce the audio show.

“Science fiction has always been under-represented on Australian television even though it’s something we’re really good at. Also, we always wanted this to be an audio series and sadly radio drama isn’t something we do in Australia any more. So we’re looking to the future, embracing the freedom of the online form. Also, the special effects are much more affordable when they’re only inside your head. They look better, too”.

The series co-stars Ben McKenzie and Petra Elliott as well as guest appearances by local comedians.

Kickstarter campaign: www.nightterrace.com

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