Nine, Seven in dead heat for Thursday

Ratings: Both Nine and Seven tied on Thursday, but Jamie Oliver is no help to TEN.

2013-03-15_0947Last night was a dead heat between two old foes.

Both Nine and Seven tied on 31.6% then ABC 16.5%, TEN 15.2% and SBS 5.2.%.

My Kitchen Rules topped the night with 1.68m viewers for Seven followed by Seven News (1.12m), Home and Away (906,000), Today Tonight (898,000), Bones (646,000 / 401,000), Deal or No Deal (516,000) and Better Homes and Gardens (228,000 in Melbourne),

The Block was best for Nine with 1.3m viewers then Nine News (1.06m), ACA (911,000), The Footy Show (763,000), NRL (628,000 in 2 cities), Hot Seat (517,000), RBT (341,000 in 3 cities) and Two and a Half Men (197,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News (875,000) ranked first on ABC1 then 7:30 (612,000), Canberra Confidential (597,000), Catalyst (492,000), The Midwives (356,000) and Grand Designs (273,000).

TEN struggled to rise above TEN News (639,000). The Project was 471,000, Law & Order: SVU was 428,000 / 355,000, The Simpsons was 359,000, and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals failed to ignite its new timeslot with just 306,000 / 299,000.

Gourmet Farmer returned to SBS with 280,000 then Food Safari (244,000), Yotam Ottolenghi’s Meditteranean Feast (217,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (149,000) and World News Australia (145,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 308,000 viewers.

Lateline: 219,000
TEN Late News: 169,000
World News Australia Late:  53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 14 March 2013

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  1. What possessed TEN to put Jamie Oliver not only up against MKR, but also a swag of food shows on SBS – a new Food Safari (excellent), a new Gourmet Farmer (even better) and a further hour of foodie stuff after that.

  2. “Regardless of what ABC, TEN or SBS produce their ratings will always be lower than 7 & 9.”

    What’s your point? (In general) more people watch 7 & 9. That’s just the way it is and wishful thinking won’t change it.

  3. ryan – I totally agree with you.

    SVU was terrific last night (as usual). Like the Good Wife , these 2 shows are must see in my household. Intelligent, well written and beautifully acted.

    As for Jamie Oliver – I agree that Ten has hardly promoted it. TBL promos have been shoved down our throats but absolutely nothing about other shows.

    I sure hope for Ten’s sake the BL rates well on Sunday night.

  4. @secret squirrel- “exchanging one unbiased sample for another won’t change the overall results”
    Herein lies the problem!
    ‘Unbiased sample” can become a repetitive habitual veiwer.
    Which is human nature. The human error factor is ever present in the results that we see. A larger and more diverse changing sample needs to be done to get true rating results. The current sample at OZTAM at the moment will produce the same results week in and week out. Regardless of what ABC, TEN or SBS produce their ratings will always be lower than 7 & 9.

  5. Really good svu last night! And i love how an older one follows. I would say jamie didnt work because 10 only showed promo’s 2 days before it was on! Should have started thur night last week letting people know idol was out!

  6. @TasTVcameraman – yup, Thu and Tue are both usually catchup nights for me, except when SBS has football.

    @joey69 – “it does not take a scientist to realise…”
    You got that right. Because a scientist would realise that if you applied basic scientific principles you’d understand that exchanging one unbiased sample for another won’t change the overall results. If Seven and Nine keep topping the ratings it’s because more people keep watching those two networks.

    People being habitual viewers has nothing to do with whether they have ratings box or not. Refreshing the OzTAM panel isn’t going to propel Ten to the top of the ratings unless the sampling is biased.

  7. Well for me Thursday night is a poor night for TV, nothing on which interests me, so I play back White Collar from Wed and Blue Bloods. I used to watch Last Resort on timeshifted PVR but even that now has started to bore me.

  8. Anyone else notice that TEN now has the season and episode number for SVU in the electronic guide?

    I think people will appreciate that.

    Is this the case only for TEN shows?

  9. Any fool could have predicted the failure of Jamie’s 15 minute meals when placed directly in competition with another cooking show – MKR. Why would Ten do it? Maybe not a thing left in their cupboard to show. Surely they have some David Attenborough repeats that would do better. Law and Order SVU is doing really bad business this year.

  10. Again! the same pattern of ratings results. 7 and 9 battling for the top spot. abc third and ten fourth. these results will contuine this way as long as the current people on the oztam panel remain the same. it does not take a scientist to realise these results will not be changing anytime soon. Even if 7 have a dud show it will rate well due to the veiwing habit of the people watching tv. this is getting way too predictable.

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