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Ratings: The Block: All Stars rose to its best figure so far this season, while their first Open for Inspection draws big crowds.

13-03-03 CH9 The Block 0088The Block: All Stars rose to its best figure so far this season as a room reveal was won by Phil & Amity. Nine’s show, which has been holding fast against the MKR tide on most weeknights, pulled 1.44m viewers as Sunday’s top show.

On the weekend the show held its first Open for Inspection as crowds braved the elements to see inside the Bondi homes. Ed Sheeran, who was on Sunrise last week, entertained the waiting throng as 12,000 people checked inside the homes.

Meanwhile in the all-important tussle for the ratings, Seven edged ahead as the winner last night.

Seven network shares were 30.9% then Nine 29.2%, TEN 19.5%, ABC 15.8% and SBS 4.6%.

Downton Abbey (1.3m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.26m), The Force (1.13m), Sunday Night (1.11m), Border Security (1.05m), V8 Supercars (694,000 / 439,000) and Castle (547,000).

After The Block Nine’s other shows were 60 Minutes (1.18m), Nine News (1.16m), The Mentalist (632,000), CSI (439,000). CSI: Miami was 286,000.

Without that other cooking show around MasterChef: The Professionals was nearly double some of its mid-week figures at 852,000 viewers. Elementary was 757,000, Modern Family was 689,000, TEN News was 537,000, Graham Norton was 431,000, Bondi Rescue was 381,000 and The Simpsons was 330,000.

ABC News (787,000) led ABC1 then Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (786,000), Midsomer Murders (756,000), Dream Build (671,000), Compass (248,000) and Rev (234,000).

Wonders of the Solar System (220,000) was best for SBS ONE followed by History Cold Case (210,000), World News Australia (177,000) and The Stonewall Uprising (121,000).

ABC2’s The Hive (241,000) led multichannels.

Insiders: 167,000 / 84,000
The Bolt Report: 134,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 March 2013

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  1. I would like to see Ten have a major doco on Australia from our history as people all the way down to our nature and wildlife, cultures and so on. Yes it would cost a bit but hire the best to do it and if could end up a mini doco series about Aus and i think their would be enough interest in our own country:)

  2. The Sunday night room reveal on The Block is the only time I ever watch it. You get to see the finished result and who won the week, without having to watch all the boring challenges etc through the week.

  3. @Evan43

    You are right about content being cut out of Downton Abbey. UK commercial programmes do not have as many ads as Australia, a typical 60min slot will only have 12-13min of ads compared to around 18min in Australia. I estimate a solid 5min of content is being cut for more ads.

  4. I notice that the audience viewing figures for Elementary have slipped markedly – I wonder if Ten will persist with it in the Sunday 8.30PM slot?
    I enjoy Downton Abbey, but way too many ads, and I reckon that Channel 7 is cutting bits out too for some absurd reason

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