ABC announces top cast for The Broken Shore

Don Hany, Claudia Karvan, Erik Thomson, Catherine McClements all feature in ABC's new thriller telemovie.

image002abcABC1 has assembled a top flight cast for the new telemovie, The Broken Shore.

Don Hany will star as homicide detective Joe Cashin in the thriller based on a book by Peter Temple (Jack Irish).

Set against a background of ‘police corruption, racism and family tragedy’ the story sees Joe Cashin (Hany) transferred to the small Victorian coastal town of Port Monro where he grew up. When wealthy benefactor Charles Bourgoyne dies, Joe’s investigation uncovers a cycle of lies, betrayal and systematic corruption in a community where tensions over race, class and politics are at boiling point.

Also featuring are Claudia Karvan (The Time of Our Lives, Puberty Blues, Spirited) as Helen Castleman, Erik Thomson (Packed to the Rafters, The Boys are Back, Somersault), Anthony Hayes (Devil’s Dust, The Slap, Animal Kingdom), Catherine McClements (Wentworth, Tangle, Rush), Dan Wyllie (Puberty Blues, Tangle) and Robyn Nevin (Upper Middle Bogan, Top of the Lake) as well Tony Briggs (The Slap, Howzat!: Kerry Packer’s War) and Wayne Blair (Redfern Now, Dead Gorgeous).

The screenplay has been adapted by Andrew Knight (Jack Irish, Rake, SeaChange), and produced by Ian Collie (Jack Irish, Rake, Saving Mr Banks) and Andrew Knight. Directed by Rowan Woods (Rake, Little Fish, The Boys), it is being filmed in Melbourne and throughout the Port Campbell National Park region, including Port Fairy.

The ABC1 telemovie is produced by Essential Media and Entertainment (Jack Irish, Rake) and due to screen later this year.

“The creative team at Essential Media bring a strong cinematic vision to the work,” says Carole Sklan, Head of ABC TV Fiction. “It’s a dark story infused with wit and humanity.”

Don Hany will also feature in the upcoming ABC / HBO Asia miniseries, Serangoon Road.

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  1. My 2nd favourite Peter Temple book (Truth edges into the lead) but I can see how some people might tire of the same crew of actors seemingly used all the time.

    Suspect funding only possible with known names for a book you have to admit isn’t a huge best seller having its movie rights fought for

    I’m just happy to see it made at all

    Now if they make one of “Truth” as well…

  2. I really enjoyed Peter Temple’s book-The Broken Shore-and I hope they can do it justice. The two tele movies Bad Debts and Black Tide had two different directors from memory, with the second of the tele movies being given a grittier, noir treatment, as befits Temple’s stories. I hope they can do the same with The Broken Shore. I love Hany’s work-East/West in particular, so will be looking forward to this telemovie.

  3. What ! no Susie Porter or Asher Keddie.
    Had to check my calendar – thought it was still April fools day.
    I read this blog religiously however rarely comment unless I reach the point of frustration. This is one of those moment.
    I mean give us a break.This cast announcement is insulting not only to the wealth of acting talent in this country that is constantly overlooked but also to the viewer.
    It’s bad enough that we are constantly subjected to the mediocre by the same production companies. Of late we are also asked to watch the same actors over and over again often on two or more productions at the same time. In fact its common now to watch an actor jump from one production to the next on the same network.
    Unfortunately it is unlikely that anything will change. The people who commission drama jump from one network to the next, have relationships with the same production companies who in turn have their own preferred stable of actors. I wonder if the old fashioned audition still exists where actors actually get an opportunity to stake their claim for a role.
    It’s no surprise that people choose to obtain their entertainment from the internet where they can stream new ideas with fresh faces (often ethnically diverse) from countries such as the US and UK.
    Maybe we need to do the unthinkable – look outside Australia for our heads of drama. Perhaps then we may see some so called risks with independent producers given an opportunity. This may also lead to some new faces on our screens.

  4. Wow same faces for another ABC drama/ telemovie.
    I agree with Mr J same again.
    While we know and respect these faces they all seem to be appearing together in too many shows.

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