Airdate: Arrow. Bumped: The Following

Nine has rescheduled the series premiere of Arrow, the new super-hero series starring Stephen Amell.

2013-04-19_2137Nine has rescheduled the series premiere of Arrow, the new super-hero series starring Stephen Amell as billionaire playboy Oliver Queen.

It begins at 8:40pm Wednesday May 1st following The Voice.

The Following moves to 9:40pm and airs once a week with What’s Your Emergency? bumped to 10:40pm.

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  1. I’m wondering how much of The Following has been censored.

    I’ve just started to watch the pilot on my iQ thingy and the very beginning was missing (grrrr!) so I went to a site where you can buy the episode and I watched the first 2 minutes in a preview clip (that’s all I needed to see) and realised that Nine had cut out some of the scene from when the prison guards find those other guards who were murdered.

    Very disappointing /:

  2. @ carolemorrissey

    I agree that Following is no more gruesome than Criminal Minds but CM is episodic whereas Following is a series like Lost. It seems people don’t want to invest time keeping up with a weekly series. Miss one episode and they give up.

  3. I usually agree with the Squirrel but not in this case I am more likely to watch a series on FTA when episodes are bundled together.
    The only reason I watched Last Resort was because of the double epps and remember years ago when seven decided to super fast track 24 with 4 epps a week which in turn got me hooked enough to watch the complete shebang.
    I think the only future that these imported high profile shows that are often completed by the time they make it to Australia is to bundle many epps into each week.
    If Revenge had of been doubled up the same may have happened but if we are going to be 3-6 months behind the chance of end of season spoilers is to high and I chose to watch most before hand and will recommence on 7.
    Gone are the days when networks can hold on to a series then catch up through to season just because it suits their schedule.

  4. i think the reason why nine moved arrows date tomay 1st, is because MKR finishes this week and channel 7 wont have anything huge and nine would just win in the ratings with the voice,arrow,& the following.

  5. i give arrow 1 ep and nine will dump it to a later time or move it to go or just drop it all together
    i must say it should suit the audience of the voice more than the following does,i have been watching this show but it wont last on fta main channel i can remember all the way back to star trek next gen being put on nine at 7.30 and it lasted about 1 week before they dumped it,so nine have been doing this a long time

  6. Yes, I have a functioning brain, but only a cheap crappy set top box. So if i try and watch an uploaded show on it, its always out of sync. I do watch on catch up sites when i have to, if I missed a show and it wasn’t recorded but it’s not comfortable to watch a whole series at a computer desk. So TV is it for me, even when the programmers could care less about the vieweres.

  7. Well I have a functioning brain and I have to watch shows on the TV as my internet speed is waaay too slow to try and watch on my computer. I’m hoping The Following will get repeated one day like they do with The Mentalist and the CSI shows. So hopefully I will get to see it one day.

  8. So what’s on Tuesday at 8.40? Somehow i think that Tuesday would have been a better night for Arrow. We’ve been waiting so long, i wish they showed it over two nights this week, like they did with The Following.

    p.s. Thanks for the new pic David, nice.

  9. They will start Arrow at 8:40pm Wednesday to give it a chance to build some sort of audience, even it gets bumped to a later slot or secondary channel later. The Following has already failed in that slot and they have nothing else to try.

    It will be tough for Arrow though. Apart from Criminal Minds, with its MKR lead in, dramas have been struggling on Wednesday nights. Mr & Mr Murder is not doing well, The Good Wife is doing dreadfully and The Following has been getting 200k more viewers on Tuesdays, up against Packed To The Rafters, NCIS and New Tricks, than on Wednesdays.

  10. So, they were waiting for school holidays to end to premiere this.

    I had the same issue as carolemorrissey with the non-encore of Wednesday’s episode of The Following. No sign of another encore, so I don’t think I will continue following with The Following.

  11. @carolemorrissey – this is where they should encore new (loose term) shows like this on GEM or GO! in the following days and stop moving things around. Viewers get into a habit of wanting to watch shows at a set time not on different days but it’s like Russian Roulette with some shows for their original airing times and days.

    Haven’t been following (LOL) the ratings, how is The Following doing, has it dropped that many viewers to warrant a move to the later time slot?

  12. So The Following’s not on Tuesdays now. Damn Wednesday is a really bad night for me. Too much on already, was hoping it was staying on Tuesday nights. Really pissed of at 9. Last Wednesday was supposed to repeat it at 11.00 so I taped that one but when I went to watch it back some other stupid show was on instead. They repeated Tuesdays and last weeks. Been checking the guide madly to see if there is an encore of it but no. A million encores of Survivor and The Voice. How many times do they need to repeat these shows?

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