Airdate: Leongatha

2013-04-24_0030A new locally-produced comedy series will premiere on Channel 31 Melbourne next week.

Writer/Director/Producer Shane Dunlop has produced a 6 part series about a group of wedding guests in a mini-bus who don’t make their destination, Leongatha.

Shot on location in South Gippsland, Brunswick and West Coburg, the series was made for less than $15,000 in conjunction with the Community Broadcasting Foundation, Parks Victoria and the Bass Coast Shire Council. The cast features a cameo from Bob Franklin.

Dunlop’s previous series, It’s Not You. It’s Bree aired nationally through January-March last year, and is currently being replayed in Sydney and Perth.

After being asked to film a cousin’s wedding, Denny Finch begrudgingly makes his way to the regional Victorian town of Wonthaggi where a mini-bus awaits to transport Denny, his family members, friends, the marriage celebrant and a mysterious stranger to the ceremony in the nearby town of Leongatha. The trip should take no more than an hour or two, however things don’t go entirely to plan as mechanical faults, family disagreements, missing children, pesky local “wildlife”, unplanned funerals and other unforeseen circumstances stop the bus in its tracks. For Denny and his family, the road to Leongatha becomes a very, very long one.

May 9th, Thursdays at 10pm on Channel 31 Melbourne with other cities to follow later.

Warning: language

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