Airdate: Urban Secrets

2013-04-14_2323The Good Wife‘s Alan Cumming presents a new 8-part factual series which sounds a little bit like the docos Tony Robinson has filmed in Australia for Foxtel.

Urban Secrets sees him uncover hidden histories off the tourist trail in mother England.

Award-winning Hollywood actor and writer, Alan Cumming, unearths hidden gems and fascinating stories from within some of Britain’s most iconic urban environments. Each episode of Urban Secrets takes viewers on a stunning and intriguing journey through the length and breadth of the country, and explores the incredible tales of each city. From the secret places, unknown history and great characters that lie buried behind the everyday and tourist trails, Cumming uncovers hidden gems off the tourist trail and the different factors which make each destination world renowned. He glides through the historical evolution of each landmark, and is joined by a number of famous names and local experts. Their insights help give this world renowned city its unique character and spirit that will both entertain and surprise viewers.

Episode One: Alan Cumming travels from St Pauls Cathedral to Soho, uncovering the secrets and mysteries of historic London. Whilst it looks fit for a king, St. Pauls is not exactly one of London’s secrets. Upon stepping inside Alan is taken to a place unseen by the crowds of tourists. It’s a fascinating start to a walk that unearths a hidden park with a touching memorial, and a magnificent but often overlooked Church. He then finds himself in the wilds of Soho with guest guide Danny Baker where they uncover some recently uncovered Sex Pistols graffiti.

Friday 19 April at 7.35pm on SBS ONE

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