Airdate: Tony Robinson’s Time Walks


It’s not often that ABC will screen a series that was made for Foxtel.

ABC has picked up 20 episodes of Tony Robinson’s Time Walks which sees Tony Robinson visit a different Australian location and uncover its secret history.

Seasons one and two visit all the major cities as well as Wollongong, Bendigo, Newcastle, Kalgoorlie, Launceston, Townsville and the Barossa Valley. He also travels to New Zealand to uncover stories about Wellington and Christchurch.

Episode One this week begins in Fremantle.

The show, produced by WTFN Entertainment, went on to be one of the highest-rating shows on The History Channel.

Fred Media General Manager Michael Aldrich says: “Tony’s name is now synonymous with uncovering the great stories of history and he has a huge fan base in Australia. He has that knack of unearthing extraordinary facts about our own heritage. We couldn’t be more delighted that this agreement will continue to broaden the awareness of Tony’s work and turn a new generation of fans on to the show.”

There’s nothing pedestrian about going for a walk with Tony Robinson who brings his inquisitive and inimitable storytelling approach into Australia’s streets in this 20-part series, uncovering the hidden history behind, below and above the places we walk every day. Tony digs deep to draw out the drama of the past, divulging tales of crime, acts of bravery and showcasing the notable characters and moments that have shaped the area.

8pm Friday April 8 on ABC.


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